Bad Yeast Infections That Can T Be Cured Help

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Cat - September 17

I am about 6 weeks pregnant and in the past I have had problems with yeast. A couple of weeks after conceiving I got a bad yeast infection and have used two packs of cream (Gynazole and Monistat) in the past two weeks to no avail. I am in pain and s_x life has dwindled from twice a day to nothing because of this.....I have begged my gynecologist for a solution other than the creams because I've found they don't work well for me and that the chemicals in them irritate my va___a terribly. I used to use diflucan and it was great but Dr. says no. I take several high powered acidophilus pills every day and am trying to cut sugar intake way down. Has anyone else experienced this and what can I do? Will it settle down eventually? Has anyone's doctor let them take anything by mouth for yeast when they were pregnant??


kellie - September 24

yes are you using antibacterial soaps TO wash with? a friend of mine has the same problem even when she is not preg and she found that antibacterial soaps where the culperate... it washes away the good yeast along with the bad and causes the infections...also yes they let me take stuff for infection when i was preg but only after the first trimester....everything is very vital right now when it comes to drug intake and baby development....Good luck i will talk to her again and see what else her doc told her and get back with you in another post


cat - September 26

I use only Dove soap, unscented everthing. I have had issues in the past although not lately until I got pregnant so i know all the things you can do and should do to prevent yeast. Luckily the other day my doc said I could have diflucan after the first trimester. yay! Only one more month. I have gotten better this week after finishing my third treatment with cream. I feel a bit raw still but feel encouraged.


Dawn - November 10

I know this is a bit late but I hope you still see it. I've had that problem too with both my pregnancies. My doctor has had me (and still does) on Diflucan (fluconazole) since the begining. I have talked to pharmacists and other doctors and every one of them agree that a low dose after the first trimester is perfectly safe. I suggest asking a couple of different phamacists and docs. Some docs see the word "pregnant" and you're on bread and water rations for 9 months. For better or worse some are just stuck in "old school" mode. OH and eat lot's of yogurt along with the acidophilus.


Katrina Booze - November 22

Hello, I am not pregnant but i have been. I suffer from yeast on a continual basis. You should check out This web site talks about a way to really get rid of yeast. If you have questions please feel free to write me at [email protected] I am have not tried the product on the web site above yet, because I am searching for other women who have or are suffering from v____al yeast infections and have maybe found an answer. (without v____al creams.)


christie - November 24

there are natural ways to fight yeast infections. along with your multivitamin take capryl... you can get it at your healthfood store. thake this along with probiotics like acidophilus. Creams suck and the don't work for me either. Don't eat too much sugar - it helps promote excess yeast. Hope this helps


me too - November 24

although taking the acidophilus pills a probably working have you tried eating yougurt regularly because you body will a__similate the positive bacteria differently when you eat it as opposed to taking supplements.


lilmama - March 31

I dont have an answer for your question, but have you ever been tested for diabetes? If you are getting such frequent yeast infections, it could be from diabetes, my doc tested me because i was having so many, turns out i dont have it, but i guess its common to get a lot if you are diabetic



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