Belly Button Pulling Pain

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Jen - January 14

Hi ladies, i am currently 18 weeks pregnant, last night i was having pain around my belly button, it's kinda like pulling pain. i couldn't lay on the left side, cause it hurts me so much, so i only can lay on the right side. i called the doctor, and he said it's normal. (not my OB doctor, he is the doctor on call) just want to know does anybody experiencing this kind of pain before too? (before the pain started, i was packing some stuff, don't know if i used too much energy from the stomach, that's why i had the pain? the doctor said it was the muscle and the uterus are expending)


izzy1052 - January 15

it may be normal... i haven't had any pain like that and im 29 weeks... around my belly b___ton the skin is numb im wondering if that is normal... you may have just pulled something when you were moving around or its just stretching pains...


KT - February 10

I am 25 weeks pregnant, and I have had similar belly b___ton pains. Although yours sound a big more intense than mine, and mine tend to come and go. I was also told that they were likely due to streching of that region due to my growing uterus.


TanyaB. - February 13

I have similar pains also. My ob said that it is completely normal. It is due to the uterus growing. I am 20 weeks and began to feel it at about 16 weeks.


little_snowball - February 17

i am having that right now. and i really hope it is normal because i'm worried about it :(


Sara - February 19

I'm 27 weeks pregnant now and between 16 - 18 weeks i had the belly b___ton pains (which i got at my physical job mostly), this is because your uterus is growing past your belly b___ton, it does go away, i took a few weeks out from work and now it's fine!


Chrissy - March 9

I had the same thing around 14 weeks pregnant.It turns out I have an umbilical hernia! Your symptoms sound very much the same as mine! I will have surgery to get it fixed a few weeks after the baby is born.


kayley - March 28

Hi, im 33 weeks pregnant and ive just recently started experiencing this and i cant lie either of my sides and when i sit up i still feel uncomfortable. It feels as though its bruised when i press it gently. I will be seeing my midwife soon and will explain this to her. It really worries me but im sure its nothing and something really common


Teresa - March 28

I'm almost 30 weeks with my third pregnancy and have been complaining of this, off and on, since about 20 weeks. It seems worse when the baby positions in such a way that the front of my belly bulges more. Now that the baby is bigger, when I get the pain I can put my hand on my belly and feel the baby right there! I often try to nudge her to get her to move, but she usually just nudges back. I didn't have this with my first two!!


Marisa - April 1

Im 19 weeks pregnant, and have been experiencing belly b___ton pain for the past 3-4 weeks. It comes and goes, but when it is there, the area around my belly b___ton is rock solid, as if baby is pushing against. I had the pain return about 5 mins ago. Thought id just look it up see if anyone else experiences also. Feel alot better now, from reading the posts sounds like its kinda normal. I suggest to anyone else just to keep an eye on the pain and if it gets to bad see your op


Bovinstein - March 1

I'm 16 weeks pregnant and my belly b___ton hurts too, it feels really strange


Heidi - October 8

I am 16 weeks pregnant and have also started to have pains around my belly b___ton nothing severe but these off pains and cant have clothing near it.



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