Bitter Taste In The Mouth First Triemster

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TG - June 7

I am 10 weeks pregnant and for the last 2 weeks have had a bitter taste in my mouth constantly. Everything including liquids tastes bitter. Cannot eat well because of that. Even brushing does not help that much. Anyone else having this??? My doc says it's nothing to worry about but did not have a suggestion/remedy for it. Any suggestions?


Michele - June 11

I too am 10 weeks pg and have the exact same thing. Everything taste bitter and the after taste off food/liquid always turns into a horrid taste. Even my toothpaste does not seem so great anymore. My only suggestion is what I do constantly, chew on mints or gum.


TG - June 13

i read somewhere that sipping on ice water also helps...can't wait for this feeling to go away!


Sylvia - June 13

I am in my third triemster and i still have the bitter taste. It makes me very sick on the stomach. I have tried the mints and gum but I sometimes get sick on the stomach from the sugar. I guess i will have to deal


lynn - June 13

this is very common in pregnancy. i had it too and thought it was because of my prenatal vitamin so i started taking the vitamin at night. it didn't help. i guess i'll have it for 5 more months...


tracy - June 14

hi ladies - a friend of mine had the bitter taste for her whole pregnancy - said it tasted like iron. she did find cottage cheese and cantelope palatable though. good luck to you all! :)


Shellie - July 31

I had the same thing. I tried everything. The only thing that seemed too help a little was constantly having something to drink. If I didn't the taste would make me sick. Sorry, really nothing to help it, but it does go away by the 3rd month.


miranda - July 31

I have this problem the whole nine months. Fun, fun!


Sylvia - August 1

I am eight months pregnant and have had the bitter taste since conception. I am ok until I eat something, once it is gone my mouth was very bitter and caused me to be sick on the stomach all day. I have tried many things, my lastest attempt is to chew sugar free bublbe gum. After the flavor is gone it gives your mouth more of a bland taste but the bitterness is gone. With mint gum because the flavor is never completly gone it would turn bitter once the sugar was gone from the gum. Hope this helps.


AudreyJ - October 29

Sorry no suggestions but a friend of mine had the same exact thing during her 1st trimester. It went away after that. God Bless!


pcpregnant4 - October 23

I was told it was my gallbladder. Eat beets (roast them) and given a pill for m of beets to eat. In 1-2 days the bitterness went away. Still have nausea but don't know if that is pregnancy or gallbladder. When I am done I will let you know.


jimenezclaudia - October 25

Hi ladies I am currently 31 weeks pregnant and i had the same problem during my first trimester. I always had mint and gum handy but the sugar in them does not help and sugar free gum contains Aspartame, which is bad for you. This condition is known as dysgeusia and i found that acidic foods help break down the bad taste, like vinegar and lime/lemons. Also try to brush your tongue after you brush your teeth it help get rid of all the stuff left behind on your tongue, i used to brush my teeth maybe ten times a day because of morning sickness. I also found that crackers and bread and cereal would always give me the bad taste while eating it. I hope this helps!! Good luck!


chirpysang - January 19

I am 11 weeks pregnant and I too have the same feeling... I feel irritated ... I try to take sour things like gooseberry and raw mango ..which will give some sort of solution.... but when i finish having it.... still feel the same.. i guess we have to go through this and its nature...



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