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K - September 29

Has anyone gotten a bladder infection in the early stages of pregnancy? I don't know if i'm pregnant or not but might be, had s_x during fertile time, but i bled and had cramps for a day last week. anyways, i've never in my life had a bladder infection before and i have developed one over the past few days, 3 or 4 days after the bleeding. anyone else get bladder infections and think they might be pregnant-is it a sign??? any advice?? i found out today that it is a bladder infection


Jane - October 4

Yes I did and also read that they are common in pregnancy. (Something about the urinary tubes go a bit looser than normal which makes it more common). Drink plenty of water and go to the doctor for some antibiotics. Tell Dr you are pregnant, there are some safe antibiotics for pregnancy.


Jane - October 4

Sorry, tell Dr you MAY be pregnant. If you get burning pa__sing urine or after, it's probably a bladder infection. Hint-to avoid in future do a pee after you have s_x every time. and drink more water


Jennifer - October 8

I'm not sure if it's a sign or not that you're pregnant-but it is definitly common to get them during pregnancy. I am 24 weeks and have had 3 very painful ones so far. They have now put me on suppression medicine to prevent anymore. But definitly get it checked out-they aren't fun if you let them go. Good luck!


E - October 8

It is common in pregnancy but not considered a sign of pregnancy. If you are pregnant, it is only a coincindence that you have a UTI.


jon - October 26

my wife s 11 weeks tomoz and she has got her first bladder infection small pain in the lower back no burning when pa__sin urine


Barbara - November 7

I have ywo childeren and have had 3 miscar. Every time I get preg I get a bladder infection every time!


Jessie - November 8

bladder infections during pregnancy can be very painful, especially if you are experiencing blood in the urine as well, cranberry juice is a great aid in preventing UTI's at any stage of pregnancy, and also provide alot of relieve. It's better than drinking that "URAL" or citravesence



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