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5838427. - December 22

I will post here and move it over when i get a chance. I have been with my boyfriend 6 months. We were fighting pretty hard to stay together becuase he is my best friends brohter. we have been through quite a bit so far but everyones okay with it now. eh well no parents know but its better this way. I left to college about three mounths ago and we were still going out. i think weve been together for 3 months before i went to college and 3 months during. areound halloween break i wasnt feeling right i thought i might be pregnant so i went to the clinic and got a test, sure enough i was.The way this happend is during college i would come back home every weekend (guessi missed my family too much) I told him and he was pretty calm and said he didnt think a child was the best idea for our age im 19 hes 22. i agree but i am so against abortion before all this but i realized i cant bring a child into this word that i cant give the best to. i said why dont i have the baby and put him/her up for adortion he said "thats something im against, if i have a child I will be the only one to rais him" I said okay and had the abortion I got home for break 3 weeks later and he was acting strange, not returning texts, not picking up his phone, i figured what ever was going on he needed time (after the abortion he didnt act weird, just when i got home) so i said whatevers on your mind i need you to tell me i dont want to be in the dark he told me he got together with a girl before he and I got together. The girl said she is planning to keep the baby. he says there is a chance it is himm but theres a chance it isnt. he wants to wait and see he said if the boy (she already knows the s_x) is him he is going to be there for him. I think its great he will be there for this boy if he is the father. I grew up not knowing what it was like to have a father figure in the house. This i am proud of. Im just lost and confused, should i believe it was really before we started talking? I was away every week for college , only coming home for weekends. and i might be selfish but the only reason i had an abortion is because i knew i couldnt provide for that child, and i hoped if i had that abortion then that some day me and this man would be able to have a family the right way. This is not the life i wanted him to have with someone else this is the life i wanted for me and him. my friend brought up the question, Howfar along is she so you can tell if he cheated.Well i know you cant only tell the s_x of the baby after 12 weeks, so tthat time is acccounted for but what about the rest? she also brought up the question what if he found out aroud the same time and had me get an abortion to not have to deal with both childrent (I really dont think he is this kind of person) Please help!!!!! I'm sure i sound like a stupid kid but that doesnt mean i dont need some guidance



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