Braxton Hicks Feel Like

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Michelle - March 9

Hello, I am 31 weeks and have read that Braxton Hicks usually feel like a tightening in the uterus. I cant say for sure if I have felt any tightening but every once in awhile, I do get a stomach ache as if I have just over eaten even though I havent which only lasts for several minutes. Could this be Braxton Hicks as well? Does anyone have a good comparison or description for me to recongnize these in the future? Thanks in advance :-)


michelle - March 10

I had serious braxton hicks with both of my children. You will know it. Your belly will get rock hard for about 30 seconds or so and then go away. Sometimes they don't hurt at all, sometimes they get so uncomfortable they kinda hurt. Remember the rock hard belly thing, you'll recognize it immediately. Hope this helps.


Concern - June 9

I get the hardness in my stomach and I am not pregnant. I been having pregnancy like symptoms and signs but negative test. This is one of the signs. Can it be something else?


erica - June 10

concern, it seems to me like you have a cyst.


First Pregnancy - June 21

I am 21 weeks and have had a weird feeling in the lower half of my belly near my bladder..I think it may be the baby moving, but it also may be braxton hicks


nelly - June 21

I would always get a little tightness and the menstrual cramp feeling starting in the back and going all the way around and they never really hurt, I am 35 weeks now and having some real contractions and they are a lot more intense they take my breathe away and last about a full minute and at times very consistent up to 6 an hour 10mins apart. When I had the braxton hicks they were very irregular never had any that were consistent.


jen - June 22

nelly,think you may be in labour!!! good luck x


Traci - June 22

This is to the woman who has a wierd feeling near the bladder, this may be a uti, I would have that checked out.


Stacy - July 24

Iam having braxton hicks with a negative blood test. If anyone has ever had a negative blood test and still been pregnant?


L - July 24

I am 19 weeks...when can i expect them?


AmI? - June 12

I am having Braxton Hicks and just had a negative blood test. And yes they are Braxton hicks - I am 8 weeks late and very uncomfortable and have only had this when I was pregnant the previous two times - full term healthy babies. I am also feeling movement. With my second pregnancy I felt flutters and had Braxton Hicks at 10 weeks. Will hopefully find out soon how this could be happening.


anon - June 20

Do a cyst really cause you to have Braxton Hicks contractions?



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