Breast Tenderness Soreness Fading Away

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Subby - January 29

I am in my 8th week of pregnancy and notice that the soreness and tenderness in my br___ts is fading away. It was pretty noticeable from about week 4 onward, but now it's much less noticeable. I still have tiredness and frequent urination. I am two weeks away from an appointment and want to know if I should be worried, or does this symptom (soreness) normally fade away? Thanks


Ms. Star - February 4

The tenderness can last the entire pregnancy and go away right at the end or it could go away early. With my first 2 children it went away in the beginning but with this one, it stayed until the end. Im due tomorrow and i dont notice it. I was afraid that i wouldnt be able to b___stfeed but now im not worried. Thank God!!


** - February 7

It's normal, it doesn't always go away, but I know I was sore for the first couple a months & then it was like nothing until the last few months & they are sore again, be thankful when it goes away, cause I couldn't imagine being sore the entire time, I'm due today & trust me come near the end they will be sore again because they're getting prepared .. Good Luck =)


redhead_84 - June 17

I am in my seventh week and I am noticing the same thing. My right b___st is still a little sore but they're not as bad as they were.


Tiffany - June 18

My b___bs have been sore off and on since 5 weeks and I'm now 6.3


clair - June 21

I have been pregnant a grand total of 6 times now. The first two I miscarried. I am now pregnant with my fourth, about 9 weeks. I to had sore b___sts for about a week, from like week 7-8 & now its just gone away, I'm a bit worried because this has never happend in all my previous pregnancies. I'm not at all sure if its normal.


mom2be - July 7

I had the same thing. My b___sts very extremely tender from about week four to 6. Then it almost completly disappeared. I was very concerned and am glad to hear everyones responses. I am now 7 weeks and can feel slight tenderness, but not like it was. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.


Mandy - July 16

I am experiencing the exact same thing. I am 7.4 weeks pregnant! Last week it hurt to wear a shirt but this week there is hardly any soreness at all. I was just hoping it wasn't a sign of an upcoming miscarriage. I feel a little better after reading about others with the same problem.


Michelle - July 19

I'm 4.2 wks. and my b___st hurt last week and now they quit hurting. I'm scared to death I'm going to miscarry because I did with my first pregnancy. I'm not that tired or nauseaed anymore either.


Alison - July 30

I am 5 weeks pregnant. I have found that my b___sts were sore for a few days, then not for a couple. It seems to go on and off. Very worried that something is wrong due to [revious miscarriage at 6.2 weeks


Tiffany - July 30

I actually have a question. I have been off the depo for about 9 months now. My period was irregular for like the first 6 months. I really want to have another baby now! For the past 4 to 5 months I have had a period ranging from 5 days to 2 weeks. My b___st has been sore for about two whole months. It gets even worse once I took off my bra. However all of my pregnancy tests have come back neg. I dont know when to expect another period because it ranges from 32 to 21 days apart. My husband and I are having s_x like crazy. I want s_x atleast 2 to 3 times a day. I cant get enough. Does anyone know what is going on. And oh-- I have ghained about 25 pounds and everyone is asking me am I preg. but this could be from the weight gain. HELP!!!


teetah - August 1

im experiencing the same thing. around the 4th week, and now 6 weeks. i had terrible back ache and my b___sts were very sore and also big, they are now less painful and have gone back to normal size, i guess like evryone is saying its normal


beanie - August 3

I had sore b___sts for a couple of days in my 5th week, and around the 6th wk it dramatically decreased, as did my tiredness. I called an advice nurse at my hospital who basically started grief counseling for miscarriage with me based on these symptoms, and she ordered serial beta HCGs. The hcg tests so far are normal, with doubling every two days, and a quick ultrasound identified a fetal pole and sac. No heartbeat yet. Not sure what this all means, but it is a bit rea__suring to know that others have had variation in their b___st tenderness.


CAM - August 9

I am 6.6 weeks pregnant and my b___st tenderness abruptly disappeared yesterday as did my nausea and fatigue. I am waiting for my doctor to call me back...I am a bit worried but it sounds like many have had this same experience.


Christine - August 11

I had really bad b___st tenderness, slight queasiness, and abdominal pains up until 3 days agao. Im now in my 7th week and it went away all of a sudden. I hope everything is okay. My doctor wont see me until the 10th week. Does anyone know or have any advice for me?


Dips - August 15

I am 6 weeks pregnant now, starting 7th week tomorrow yesterday I noticed that the b___st sorness diminished and I stopped spotting this week. Last week my Dr checked that my hormone is not quite as much doubling every 2 days, but he did find a heart beat last week which was mid 6 week. But I am just very nervous I hope the baby is alright. Does any one have any input/experience.


sheah - August 15

im in my 24th week and my my soreness just came back to me so i dont think u have nothing to worry about



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