Breast Tenderness Soreness Fading Away

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ERUG - July 26

Thought I'd give another update as well. I just hit 16 weeks (I think that means i'm in my 17th?) and I still feel basically not pregnant - except for the fact that I am repulsed by burgers, and really any form of ground meat (odd because I love burgers). I'm not showing, and haven't felt baby move - I want something to happen so I can have some a__surance...growing belly, kicking...something! I'm off schedule on my Dr visits because of my "freak out" at week 10. Dr heard the heartbeat and just did the 12 wk check up at that time. I went back at wk 14 and we heard the heartbeat again. Now, since I don't go back until wk 18, I just have a lab slip for the AFP test this week. I'm not going to enjoy waiting for those results. Hopefully all goes well, then I think I can relax. I had 1 miscarriage and am a bit paranoid this time. Robynne - of corse you are scared, who wouldn't be - I bet your Dr and midwife are just laughing at you to relax you. My Dr. says the same thing about the heartbeat - and does the 6 wk ultrasound for all his patients becuase in his words "you all freak out - this is easier for you, and easier for me". He told me he's had very few patients who wake up one day and all the 1st trimester symptoms are just gone...overnight - and he said it's ok if that happends after week 6 to 8...and he rea__sured me (as I was feeling stupid for freaking out) that every single woman who woke up with no symptoms has freaked out just like I did. He even told me if I'm pregnant again, and the same thing happens, he bets I'll freak out again. Now, I've chosen to do the AFP test - and I can freak out about that for a week while I wait for results - but hopefully then I can relax and look forward to the 18 wk ultrasound when we get to see baby again.


AshleyKay - July 30

Alright ladies, here it goes.... I've been reading these posts to find some sort of comfort for all of my paranoia. Some of what I've read has made me feel better, while some of it seems like comfirmation that what I'm experiencing isn't good. I'm almost 5 weeks. I started off with some pretty evident symptoms. My b___sts were swollen and very tender, mild cramping (stretching?), loss of appet_te, and completely tired. I started to spot about two weeks ago. It started off as a light pinkish discharge, then went to a light brown later that day. The next day there wasn't anything until later in the day, and was a darker brown, only when I went to the bathroom. The next day nothing during the day, then again later in the day a reddish brown with a very tiny clot when I wiped after a #2. This has continued like I said for the past two weeks. Last week my doctor advised me to go the ER to check it out. They did several blood tests, an internal exam where they saw my cervix was closed but they said they did see a bit of bleeding. They decided to do an ultrasound. They first did an external one where they could see a fluid filled sac, but couldn't see anything inside. It was just to early to see anything they said. They did go on to do an internal ultrasound, thinking they might be able to see a bit more, but it was the same. They said my hormone levels were good for a 4 week pregnancy. The spotting was very faint that night and the next day. They wanted me to have my levels checked again in two days to see if my hormone levels were rising. I went and they were rising they said. Since my blood test on Tuesday the 25th I've continued to spot a dark brown mixed with a bit of faint red only when I go to the bathroom. What really has me concerned now, is my symptoms feel like they have completely gone away. My b___sts are pretty much back to normal. I don't feel full in my abdomen at all. As I sit here typing this to you I've gone to the bathroom just to check if I'm still spotting and I am. It's faint red (not heavy) with brown. I have an appointment to see my doctor on the 1st. They're going to check my levels again I'm a__suming. Anyone with fairly consistent spotting early in pregnancy mixed with loss of symtoms have a success story?? This is my first pregnancy.


JEM - January 9

I realise this forum has not been added to for a while but I am writing now as I am in the same position as many of these ladies were, that is, loss of b___st tenderness around the late 4th-7th week. I, of course paniced as everyone else here did and was comforted by the postings on this site. I have a PhD in The Physiology of Human Pregnancy both literally from the University of Alberta, and in practice as this is now my 8th pregnancy. I have 4 beautiful boys for which I am eternally grateful. I had 3 miscarriages, the first was really just a heavy period, with the second, I had one day of morning sickness followed by nothing until I miscarried 3 weeks later, with the 3rd I had all the pregnancy symptoms but the U/S showed no heartbeat, after a week the second U/S confirmed the first and so I had a D/C while still experiencing pregnancy symptoms! In this pregnancy I had b___st soreness until a few days ago when it completely disappeared, as a scientist I have a couple of explanations for this and other peoples experiences and yours if you are reading this. The first is of course the one we all dread which is a stopped pregnancy, sometimes called a blighted ovum which will eventually be expelled as a miscarriage, The second needs some explaining so get your science books out it is time for a biology lesson. When you ovulated the egg pa__ses from the ovary into the fallopian tube leaving an empty sac/follicle called the corpus luteum (CL). This CL produces progesterone and estrogen in the second half of the menstrual cycle. When the life of the CL ends, progesterone and estrogen decrease leading to your period. If conception has occured, the fertilized egg produces HCG which maintains the life of the CL and its production of estrogen and progesterone. The concentrations of these hormones gradually increase leading to early pregnancy symptoms mainly sore b___sts. Meanwhile the placenta is developing, it is the placenta that is responsible for the production of estrogen and progesterone for the majority of pregnancy. Around the late 4th to 7th week the CL hands over the job of estrogen and progesterone production to the placenta. At this time as the life of the CL is declining and the placenta is not yet up to speed, the concentrations of the pregnancy hormones, mainly progesterone, decrease, leading to a decline/loss of pregnancy symptoms mainly sore b___sts. As the placenta becomes more efficient at hormone production and their concentrations increase symptoms return, they fade in and out as hormone production is cyclical as is your body's sensitivity to them. I am a deeply spiritual person and I pray daily for the safety of my children. I believe God led me to this point in my life where I am ready for another child. I also believe He led me to this forum and to the information I have shared as a means of comfort and rea__surance. I hope this information provided the same for those who are in the same position. If there is anything you are not clear about post on this forum and I will try to find the answer. Have faith.


gaily - January 10

Hi, I'm in my 10 week and have noticed my symptoms gradually declining (mainly b___st soreness and worryingly, size too) since about Xmas, ie week 7 or8. So I am very worried I have this missed miscarriage thing going on! I dont have a scan till week 12 so have to wait what seems like ages to get any proof I am still pg, but your message is at least partly rea__suring. It just all doesn't seem real till you see it's picture on a screen I suppose...? Hubby keeps 'talking' to where it would be, i.e my abdomen and I want to say 'there's probably nothing there, don't waste your breath!!' as i don't really believe it and don't feel pg anymore either.... I'll try and repost an answer to what happened to me in 2 weeks time. Wish me luck!!


JackieL - January 10

I posted back in May because I was having a loss of symptoms very early in my pregnancy, and comparing the experiences to my three previous healthy births and three miscarriages, losing symptoms as early as I did was more similar to the m/c's than the healthy pregnancies. I just wanted to let anyone who's interested know, I gave birth to my beautiful son on Nov. 29th. As I think back on each of my pregnancies, my symptoms, although starting around the same week, seemed to lessen earlier and earlier with each successive healthy birth. Even though I also experienced a loss of symptoms with the m/c's, losing them early with what was my 7th pregnancy makes me believe my body just finally figured out how to deal with the quick rise in hormones. Good luck to everyone!


JEM - January 11

Hi, Congratulations on your baby, and Gaily try not to worry, every woman and every pregnancy is different, I had no very early symptoms with any of my other 7 pregnancies, only this one, and when my symptoms did come they faded in and out. At the end of the first trimester which is where you are now, the amount of HCG in your body is peaking or has peaked (everyone is different) and dropping which leads to a loss of many symptoms at this time. It is normal, but you can never tell until you hear the heartbeat. Good luck. Personally, I am trying not to get stressed, I read a recent study that says stressing out in the first five weeks increased miscarriage by 30%, so now I am getting stressed trying not to be stressed, if that makes sense! Good Luck


Evansmomma - January 18

I'm 35 weeks and my tenderness went away around the end of my 1st trimester. I couldn't imagine being sore ths whole time. By the end of the pregnancy everything else is so sore that I'm thankful my b___sts aren't.


dimare - January 18

I was wondering what everyone's progesterone levels were when they noticed the tenderness fading? I am week 8, and at 9 ng(?), and have been apparently since week 6 (they forgot to follow up with the lab results that never were sent back!). So now at week 8, just 2 days after the UltraSound showed a heartbeat, but I have lost my nipple tenderness, and am worried it is the beginning of a miscarriage (also had 2 between my 2nd and 3rd baby). One OB in the practice said prog was not necessary now that I am week 8, but I was on it for all my other pregnancies until 12 weeks. I started the prog the night of my ultrasound, but now am afraid the 2 weeks of the lost lab result may have doomed this pregnancy already. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks!


JEM - January 20

Hi Dimare, I was just reading your post. Whether or not Pg is needed up until 12 weeks or 8 weeks depends on your individual case which is hard to evaluate as your lab results are lost, however, I believe a Pg of around 10 is acceptable. If you started the Pg on the night of the US it should have kicked in straight away and started doing its job, your loss of symptoms may be due to the adding of another hormone into the balance and your body's response to this. Also, if you saw a heartbeat at 8 weeks the chances of anything being wrong with the baby are greatly diminished. If you are in anyway worried go straight back to your OB and get another US, the uncertainty of not knowng is far worse than dealing with what you do know. Best wishes


gaily - February 1

Hi JEM and Jackiel (and all other ladies!) Thanks for your support - and you were both Dead Right. I had my scan at 12 weeks, turned out I was 14 wks gone after all and I lost my symptoms so early as I was further along than I thought! And everything is just fine, thank god. So I have now learned a valuable lesson, that is WORRYING IS POINTLESS, there's little you can do if anything's gone wrong is there, so you may as well just sit back and as another lady said, enjoy the ride and what will be will be...I am going to try and not look for any minute changes now in symptoms, just leave it all be. I hope my experience helps others to know that *everyone is different* and no two women's experiences and symptoms will be the same (my mum said her b___sts stayed exactly the same as they were before, same size, not hurting at all, throughout both her successful pregnancies. So if something's happening to you (or not happening) like sickness/loss of sickness/anything else then try not to worry as it could mean anything, and statistically luck is on your side. Good luck everyone, thinking of you all....xx


JEM - February 4

Hi Gaily, Congratuations, I am so pleased for you, as you said 'surrender to the moment', its out of our hands. I hope all goes well.


liv - February 8

Hey all. It's comforting to be in the same position as others. I spotted at 5 weeks, had an internal ultrasound at 6 weeks (strong heartbeat, no bleeding in the uterus) and at week 8, 2d only symptom is frequent urination....never had morning sickness and b___st tenderness faded yesterday. I am not due back for an appt. until another couple of weeks. But since losing symptoms, I don't "feel" pregnant. I have been reading and could use the support, since I've been up since 4am and very concerned!


JackieL - February 8

Hi. Please try and relax. I know it's easier said than done, but getting worked up isn't going to change anything, just make you crazy. And I know from first-hand experience! I spent so much time on-line trying to "decipher" my symptoms, and loss of, during my last pregnancy, that it over-shadowed my happiness during much of the first trimester. If I've learned anything over the last few years and 7 pregnancies--4 of which gave me beautiful babies--it's that God is going to get you through whatever plan He has for you, whether it's to bring a new life into this world, or learn and grow from the loss of that life. I don't want to sound preachy--that's not really me at all. But your body is going to do what it needs to do. With my first two children, I spotted at 7-8 weeks, rested, and everything was fine. My third, no early spotting, but had Placenta Previa and bled at 28 weeks, again at 35 weeks, and had her at 36 weeks. I had lost my symptoms with her around 9-10 weeks. This last baby, I had no spotting, but the loss of symptoms very early (7 weeks), which I had never done before, and didn't "feel pregnant." He is now 10 weeks old. If you are worried, call your OB and ask to be seen. You have that right, and stressing over this for the next few weeks will not be good for you or the baby. My OB told me if you have a strong heartbeat at 8 weeks, the chance of miscarriage is virtually none. Ask to be seen early and put your fears to rest. Good luck!


JEM - February 9

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to say that what JackieL says is exactly right. In studies that have talked to and surveyed 900 pregnant women it was found that in most women, symptoms peaked at 8 weeks, in some 9 weeks, after that there was a decline, also as you so rightly pointed out JackieL the duration of symptoms became shorter the more pregnancies a women had had. So, yes symptoms can last until 14 weeks as most books and websites say, but their intensity may change and if you look at the results of actual women surveyed you may find somewhat more comforting information. What will be will be.


liv - February 10

Thank you Jackiel and JEM for your encouragement. I feel more relaxed hearing your responses. I am going to wait until my appointment at 10 weeks and try to relax. My husband will go with me, which will be comforting as well. I will update when I hear any news.....


Teres - February 22

Hello. I've never posted anything before anywhere but felt I had to now, if only to thank everybody for the encouraging words posted here. I don't know how many times I've read this thread from start to finish and hearing other people's stories did help calm me down. This is my first pregnancy and my b___st tenderness started to fade at 6 1/2 weeks and was completely gone by 8 weeks. I didn't have much nausea either except for around week 7, the b___st soreness was the only real symptom. So by week 8 I was in a complete panic, convinced I'd had a missed miscarriage. But at the 12 week scan there was a little one with a strong heartbeat and arms waving about - I'm now 14 weeks and the nipples are a little sore every now and then, and my b___sts are getting bigger but never sore like they were in the first few weeks. So it's true what they say - everybody is different and symptoms can go away really early. Anyway thank you to everyone and good luck with your babies!! :-)



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