Breast Tenderness Soreness Fading Away

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Teres - February 22

Hello. I've never posted anything before anywhere but felt I had to now, if only to thank everybody for the encouraging words posted here. I don't know how many times I've read this thread from start to finish and hearing other people's stories did help calm me down. This is my first pregnancy and my b___st tenderness started to fade at 6 1/2 weeks and was completely gone by 8 weeks. I didn't have much nausea either except for around week 7, the b___st soreness was the only real symptom. So by week 8 I was in a complete panic, convinced I'd had a missed miscarriage. But at the 12 week scan there was a little one with a strong heartbeat and arms waving about - I'm now 14 weeks and the nipples are a little sore every now and then, and my b___sts are getting bigger but never sore like they were in the first few weeks. So it's true what they say - everybody is different and symptoms can go away really early. Anyway thank you to everyone and good luck with your babies!! :-)


liv - March 25

Quick update - I'm glad to report all is well.... :) We went to my 14 week 3 day ultrasound and the baby was happily moving about. I guess all of the fears I had were unwarranted. I have learned a valuable lesson. After spotting at 5 weeks, worrying about medication/alcohol I had consumed before I knew I was pg, heartbeat of 119 at 6 weeks, "losing" symptoms at 8 weeks, no morning sickness, I am still very much pregnant. Thanks again to those who were supportive.


kpeck - March 29

Mine really went away during the first trimester... not sure if it is coming back, or not.


susan e - May 25

i have spent over the last hour reading this ENTIRE page of entries regarding loss of b___st tenderness. i guess it is a toss up, although going into reading this thread i was convinced of subsequent miscarriage based on my loss of symptoms these last couple of days. i am 40 years old as of a couple of weeks ago. i am 8 weeks pregnant today. at 6 weeks 3 days i had an ultrasound to confirm my pregnancy was not etopic (as i have had a missed miscarriage at age 36 AND an etopic pregnancy at age 37). this ultrasound showed a gestational sac and yolk sac (in the rgith place) but no fetal pole. i have been concerned about that possibly indicating a blighted ovum as i expected to see a fetal pole and heart beat at that 6 week 3 day ultrasound based on what most people see at that time. my sister tries to a__sure me that at her 6 week ultrasound they only saw a gestational sac. she went on to have a healthy baby boy (at age 35). as with my other failed pregnanies i did have a loss of all symptoms prior to miscarriage (the most noticable was the loss of b___st tenderness)... the first miscarriage was a missed miscarriage at 9 weeks, found at first 10 weeks 3 day ultrasound. the etopic pregnancy mystery started at what was 9 weeks of pregnancy (heavey bleeding) with a following number HGC level testing, then DNC, MX shot and then lapriscopic surgery (now damaged/closed right tube). now, with my total loss of pregnancy symptoms for this pregnancy (not only b___st tenderness but the nausea and the extreme fatigue) i am quite worried and uneasy, as in the past the symptom losses WERE linked to subsequent pregnancy loss (and AFTER 6-8 weeks, which some communicate should not typically be worried about). interestingly, i had totally surrendered my desire to have children to God on Easter this year (although my entire life that has been my biggest dream = children). that was a blessing to relinquish it all, and what i see as the grace of God as it just fell on me, nothing i felt i did w/my own will, as i had been trying to "will" being ok with "no kids" for years (in my own strength/will) since the failed pregnancies at 36 and 37. i got pregnant 3 days after Easter. i consider it a miracle considering the closed right tube, my age, and that we had been having unprotected s_x for 3 years, and truly felt it was God giving me the blessing after TOTALLY surrendering. after saying all of this, i just have to say that many of your posts regarding your experiences have calmed me... not only regarding the loss of b___st tenderness to go on to successful pregnancies, but those of you who remind me/us about faith in God regardless of the outcome. thank you. i have my 2nd ultrasound on May 31st. i hope all is well. i will let you know either way. thanks to all of you who have posted your experiences!! i pray i will be ok if the news isn't good and be able to return to the peace i had on Easter, if in fact my husband and I are not ever blessed with children. we are both 40 - - not getting any younger.


JackieL - May 25

Hi--sorry to hear about all you've been through, and I hope things this time go well. I just wanted you to know that I was 40 when I delivered my fourth child last Nov.-- he is turning 6 months on the 29th. I have been through so many different things, from a blighted ovum at 8 weeks my first pregnancy (I was 33), to first trimester bleeding with my first two babies, placenta previa with my last two, loss of symptoms, premature labor and pre-term births with my first three, and two more unexplained miscarriages between babies 3 and 4 (at 11 weeks and 7 weeks). Your sister is right--my doctor always told me that seeing a heartbeat before 7 weeks is too soon. After my third child, we decided we wanted one more, if we could, and didn't think it would be a problem. After I had the two miscarriages, I was devastated and then felt like I HAD to have one more. It had taken a lot longer to get pregnant with each of the two I lost and with my last baby, and I was beginning to feel as if I was meant to only have three children. I put as much faith as I could in God to help me, as well as help me through some problems I had early on in that last pregnancy, and it gave me some comfort to believe He would help me through whatever He thought I could handle. My doctor actually comforted me with each loss by reminding me that it was God's way of letting me know there was something wrong with the baby, and that it wasn't meant to be. I hope you can find the strength to be at peace and get you through the next few weeks, hopefully confirming a healthy pregnancy. And, don't think about your age. I actually have a cousin who tried for 15 years to get pregnant and couldn't until she stopped trying and had a baby at 45.. My mother-in-law had my husband at 43. Good luck.


susan e - May 26

JackieL, thank you for your response. Last night I experienced other symptoms that lead me to believe that I may miscarry this pregnancy -- night sweats, back pain and mild cramping (all things I experience prior to a period). I'm trying to continue to function normally in life until the 31st, but I'll have to say, it is not easy. I'm quite on edge. It is nice to read all of the other postings from people who have had similar struggles. A lot of times I feel alone in my pregnancy losses, as none of my friends or family have experienced pregnancy losses and they can not really relate to my pain. Thanks again.


JackieL - May 26

Try and stay positive. You never know. Why don't you call and ask to be seen ASAP, instead of waiting it out until the 31st? It would at least help settle the "ifs" you're going through. Has your doctor thought about Progesterone meds? After my very first miscarriage, when I got pregnant again, he immediately put me on oral Progesterone until my 14th week. And with each of my subsequent pregnancies he put me on it as soon as I got pregnant. Granted, it did not help with my two miscarriages after baby 3, but for each of my four good pregnancies, I was on it until the 2nd trimester, and I truly feel the Progesterone helped me keep those babies. My doc explained it as a lttle extra help in case my body just wasn't sure how to get a viable pregnancy going. Once I hit 13-14 weeks, I didn't need it any more. Should something happen this time (I pray it's not), ask about Progesterone pills for the next one. Good luck.


susan e - May 26

thanks. i guess we will see how this all turns out, and i will ask about the progesterone. i am going to see if they will be able see me tuesday instead of thursday. i'll post the results.


susan e - May 31

i'm sad to update my previous postings with this follow up. my 8 week 5 day ultrasound this morning did indicate a blighted ovum. failed pregnancy #3 for me/us. age 40. no kids. depressed, sad, crushed. now afraid to try again... at least my thoughts for now. i am deleting all links and my entire "pregnancy" folder currently on my computer saved under favorites just as a means of coping and moving on. so, i probably won't be back to this board, although i will say again, how it was a comfort to read all of these postings. thanks so much.


rootammy - June 1

I am 7 weeks and my b___st tenderness and nausea changes daily. I may go 2 days with bad nausea and then the next 2 days I have none. My b___st tenderness follows the same pattern. I was told it happens in relationship to hormonal changes and surges. I think it is normal but if you have had m/c in the past, it can be alarming.


trilobite - June 16

I had minor symptoms from weeks 6-8. Then the b___st tenderness practically disappeared and the nausea subsided as well. Reading these message boards gave me hope. I wanted to relay that everything is o.k. At nine weeks I had a ultra sound and the baby is fine, the right size , and a good hearbeat. I wanted to add my comment to help others to calm down and give hope that everything will be just fine!


swimmer35 - June 17

I am 6 weeks today - and first i want to thank you all for your words of calming. I mainly see the worst b___st tenderness at night - but in the am - nothing except light tenderness (this was very previlant last night). And that has been scaring me - But also i have not had any real nausea - except - the feeing of not wanting something. It is my first - and i am 37 and also a medic (i think knowing too much can be bad LOL) The only symptom i really feel is the fullness and the lack of interest of certain foods. My beta hcg on the first test (5w 1d) was 1260 and yesterday (5w 6d) was 9860. How does that compare to any of you OB wont see me till the beg of 8w - oi the stress. can anyone sympathise with the different times of b___st tenderness - after exercise do you find that it's less? or about the HCG levels? Thank you -


Pamela_22 - August 23

Its been great reading this forum however after all of the updates Im still on the fence about the fear of miscarriage. I am 13 weeks and my b___st tenderness has pretty much gone away. I lost my first baby last year Oct 24, I was 16w and found out the baby had pa__sed at 12 weeks. It was a missed miscarriage so it was really hard but I hadn't felt pg in almost a week it was like I knew but it makes me a nervous wreck this time around. I do and don't feel pg right now. I have to wait another week and a half for the next Dr :P... I've been relying on my b___st tenderness to relieve stress because last time I only had it for 1 week of the entire pregnancy. I am somewhat overweight so I can't exactly tell if I'm getting bigger yet just that my pants are a little tighter. I would love to know that entering the 2nd trimester that symtoms tend to subside if anyone knows please tell. Oh and sometimes I swear I feel the baby moving because I'm really intuned to my body, but I don't know if thats even possible or if their twitches, if someone could tell me the earliest they recall feeling movement I sure would appriciate it.


Chris1975 - August 24

Hi Pamela, Ive answered your other post, and am exactly same as you 13wks. I think your just getting twinges and round ligament pain...but see my answer about possibility of using a doppler machine to put your mind at rest :) Also, im a litlte overweight and cant really feel any hard bump down there yet, but have swollen out a little even tho the scales say i havent put any weight on. So understand what you mean :)


Chris1975 - August 24

Re lack of symptoms ,forgot to answer losing all my symptoms lately too, bbs arent as sore, and backaches not as bad, but from what i understand its totally normal to start feeling better around now.


liv - August 24

Update to all: Again, I had been given the 50-50 talk after spotting. Breast tenderness has yet to come back, and for the most part I have only had frequent urination/fatique as a symptom. As Jackiel and others had said, please go to the Dr. if you are concerned. I am now 36 weeks pregnant, and coming along fine.



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