Breast Tenderness Soreness Fading Away

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liv - August 24

Update to all: Again, I had been given the 50-50 talk after spotting. Breast tenderness has yet to come back, and for the most part I have only had frequent urination/fatique as a symptom. As Jackiel and others had said, please go to the Dr. if you are concerned. I am now 36 weeks pregnant, and coming along fine.


angeev - August 28

My b___st tenderness went away at about 10w but my nipples stayed VERY sensitive. This may be weird, but when I would get nervous I could always poke my nipples and if they hurt I knew I was good. I am now 30w and have noticed the tenderness is almost completely gone.


stargazer - January 22

A lot of people on here have concerns about miscarriage and I wish there was an easy answer. I'm an ER nurse and see this type of thing frequently. Unfortunately on avg. about 1 in 3 pregnancies miscarry, it's just that now with the early detection home pregnancy tests people are finding out sooner that they are pregnant whereas before they would have just started bleeding and a__sumed it was a late period. Once a miscarriage starts in early pregnancy nothing can really be done to stop it. You will be put on bedrest and have hormone levels tested in your blood to see if they increase like they are supposed to in a normally progressing pregnancy. MIscarriages are sad for the expecting mother of course. But a miscarriage is a sign that the pregnancy is not progressing well, that something is wrong and your body rejects it. It'sjust how your body defends itself when something goes wrong. Women are still capable of having perfectly healthy babies after miscarriages. The proof is in all the posts here. And the most important thing to remember is that all pregnancies are different. Some women have all the cla__sic symptoms while some have none and still have perfect babies. If you are wanting to get pregnant relax, eat well, rest, DON'T WORRY, take a multivitamin with folic acid and wait for it to happen when it's supposed to. Some women do need the help of fertility drugs or in vitro, most find success when they relax, de-stress and wait for it! Best of luck to all of you!!


kim12983 - February 8

My last period was on the seventh of Nov. I have irreuglar period where I don\'t have a period for two months then I have one. I was suppose to have my period on the seventh of Januaruy but I did not have one. about that time I only had spotting for three days. I have taken five test they are comming up neg the last one was few days ago but I do fell pregnant. . I have also gotten a blood test and it also came up neg. Am I pregnant?


sardia2003 - June 3

My b___st are very tender and im urinating frequently could i be pregnant if i am i should be around two weeks


sofers - September 23

im 5 weeks today and my b___sts are not as sore as they have been and my uterus feels sore. the soreness comes and goes. i know that crampy feelings are normal and my doctor said that the soreness is normal. but i am still worried. i had a missed abortion that resulted in me having to do a D&C last december. we were trying for 6 months and when that happened me and my husband were a mess for a very long time. i am PETRIFIED of losing this baby. in not very nautious. maybe once a day if that. reading the posts do help, but at the same time i will worry until the baby is born. i dont know what to do.


cnriley - October 2

I just woke up, laid down and realized the tenderness in my b___sts is as good as gone. Reason being that I jumped straight onto the computer is that tuesday I started spotting lightly then it increased to like a light period. I called my dr & was seen by the end of the day, she did an ultrasound and found 3 cysts on my ovaries, no sign of a baby, and my cervix was closed. Being that I was 5 wks and 4 days then she said it's still too early to see the baby. They did however prod my arms with a needle for a good 30 min for blood work to check and make sure my hcg levels are doubling. I go back in today to finish bloodwork. Since Tuesday however I've been cramping on and off and it ranges from light cramps to heavy cramps... And now my b___sts don't hurt, hence the worry. This is my first pregnancy and I need some help! Thanks


micsmms3 - October 6

My b___st tenderness lasted for a month or two- I'm 7 months now and they havent hurt at all for a long long time. I would think that it depends upon your b___sts- and I bet they start hurting again the closer you get to delivery. Let us know how you are, m.


jonti1 - October 18

hi I am 9 weeks pregnant following 5 miscarriages in the last 3 years, (I am lucky to have 2 happy healthy children) My symptoms vary wildly from day to day, I will be glad when I can feel baby moving for myself and can stop relying on symptoms. I am having scans everyweek and the one last monday was very positive, good strong heart beat etc, but by sunday every week I have convinced myself it is all over, Good luck to everyone, Sarah (England)


jenniegump - November 29

I am 9 weeks today and my b___sts haven't been sore until the last few days, it kind of worried me but my cousin told me her b___sts were never sore with her daughter. Everyone is different, I wouldn't fret.


Promisedone - January 13

Hi, I am in my 7th week and am having my ups and downs with b___st tenderness myself. I, like most of you was very concerned as I wondered if my body was increasing enough in my hormone levels. After reading your comments... I am breathing a sigh of relief. Also, I found a medical website to confirm that it's normal for b___st tenderness to elevate from


Sosers - March 28

I should be around 9 weeks now, but my doctor has not seen a heartbeat after several ultrasounds and is convinced that I am having a miscarriage or abnormal pregnancy. I have not had any symptoms of miscarriage. My hormone levels peaked to 29,000 last week and this week they dropped to 21,000. My gut feeling was that I am still pregnant byt recently my symptoms started going awsy. My b___sts were extremely tender and sore and felt fuller for up to around 7 weeks. Now they are completely back to normal. So I started losing hope. My doctor said based on my hormone levels they should have found a heartbeat by now. Monday I am going in to make a decision about a D & C. Should I wait longer? I don't know what to do!


gaer - April 18

Same boat here, yesterday I was sore and heavy b___sted, today not so heavy and almost no soreness at all. Im 8 weeks .. Not feeling so nauseated either. I was worried and did a preg test which turned color before I could even put the cap on...(not sure if thats even an accurate way for me to guess if Im ok) still, I had 2 M/C that the symptoms just went away and I didnt lose the fetus for 3-5 weeks. Its scarey. It sounds from this board like we all can stop worrying? I have an appt weds with my doc, and will ask him what he thinks. Good luck everyone.


mollylappe - September 20

I am about 4 weeks pg. and the last week my b___sts have been very sore, larger, and fuller feeling. Today I woke up to little or no tenderness. Has anyone else had this so early?


ni0385 - January 8

i am 10 weeks pregnancy and my b___st are not as sore i am concerned there is something wrong.


Squirt478 - January 22

I am on my fourth pregnancy. The other three unsuccessful. I am approaching week 10 without any complications this far. The furthest ever. But of course I'm nervous! Is it common for b___st tenderness to come and go in pregnancy? And is it normal at about this point for morning sickness to start subsiding?



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