Breast Tenderness Soreness Fading Away

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sheah - August 15

im in my 24th week and my my soreness just came back to me so i dont think u have nothing to worry about


-t- - August 30

I am in the same boat as several of you. I am in the middle of my 6th week and my b___sts (which were unbearably sore) feel fine and lighter. I am terribly nervous, but have an appointment tomorrow. Did anyone have her soreness go away during her 6th-ish week and have a healthy baby??


tr - September 2

Don't know if my experience will help, but during my 6th week all my symptoms went away for about 2-3 days and I panicked. They returned (plus some) a couple of days later. I guess the "ups" and "downs" of symptoms are normal. Good Luck!!


siserra - September 2

i really know what you are going through im about 7 weeks and my pain comes and goes. good luck with your baby


Kelly - September 4

I think that everyone is different. I am 12 wks and just now my b___sts don't hurt like they did. Not as much anyways. But I am still feeling sick.


cindy - September 12

I always had regular period every months but this month my b___st hurt so much it gives me headache. We did have unprotect s_x this month.HELP?????


J.May - September 13

I'm new to this forum, but going through the same thing. I've heard from other women that b___st tenderness comes and goes from day to day, sometimes even the time of day and even depends on how you sleep. I would really like to hear some updates from the people who posted here about diminishing tenderness. I miscarried at the beginning of August, approx 6 weeks, and while one of the things I noticed was that my b___sts were no longer sore at all (except a bit on the sides), this was about 5 days before mc, that wasn't, in itself, the most decisive symptom. I had an underlying feeling that something was wrong, not just nervousness. What happened to me was waking up in the middle of the night and saying to myself, I seriously doubt I am still pregnant. What's odd is that this has happened to other women. I think we're often inclined to just isolate one thing of concern (cramps, b___sts not as sore, etc.) and turn that into a panic signal. But at least for me, I really knew in my heart that I didn't feel pregnant anymore.


jenn - September 14

I'm 6 weeks pregnant and concerned because about 5 days ago my b___st tenderness completely went away. Weeks 4 -5 my b___st were so tender and uncomfortable. I'll call my OB/GYN today and she said "it is perfectly normal for the b___st tenderness to ease up or go away... and it didn't sound like anything out of the ordinary". I have an appt on friday, so I'll post my results then. This forum has really helped alot... I think the body just tries to adjust to hormonal changes and in everybody it is different. I guess stay hopeful & I'm really looking forward to being pregnant - this is my first:)


alicia - September 16

i am five weeks pregnant, and my b___st tenderness went completely away, like others, i too am scared that i have mescarried. i do still have mild intermittent lawer abdominal cramping, which i had during the first trimester of my first pregnancy, and everything was alright with my first child. maybe i'll just take another pregnancy test. i'v had no other signs of a miscarriage, though.


Chris - September 19

I have carried 4 full term babies and had 2 miscarriages. Not in one of those pregnancies did I ever notice any change in my b___sts. Every woman and every pregnancy is different. I wouldn't worry.


alicia - September 21

i am 5 weeks pregnant, and my b___st tenderness went Completely away in about one day. i became worried because i also no longer felt pregnant anymore. several days later i had moderate left lower abdomonal cramping, went to er, and had an ultrasound done. it showed no evidence of pregnancy (maybe too small too see) but my hcg levels have been dropping too. dr said either ectopic or blighted ovum, so i am just waiting for my hcg to drop to zero. if it doesn't, i'll get methotrexate, but then i can become pregnant again. in my first pregnancy, my b___st tenderness eventually faded away in the first trimester, but this time it went completely away. listen to your body always, and trust your instincts. if you think you need to see a dr, dont wait.


lala - September 22

I am 6 weeks pregnant and went to see my Dr yesterday. When I explained to her that I had b___st tenderness but it had faded she thought i might poss have miscarried. She did a blood test which wont be available until tomorrow. Until then im waiting on pins and needles. The worse thing is i've convinced myself im not pregnant.


just wondering - September 30

I am 5 week pregnant my b___st tenderness seems to come and go. It seems as though they seem to hurt worse in the evening and night and then when I get up in the morning they are not as bad. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this.


sabrina - September 30

I have also had the same exp. as lots of you. Only with me I had a bit of bleeding at 3 wks, went to dr, they did an ultrasound, and said every thing looks ok. I have not had any bleeding since, but my b___st are not tender anymore, and no more upset tummy, or tiredness. I go back to dr on Thurs 10/6. I am so worried though!


Molly - October 1

I am 3.5 weeks after ovulation- The last 2 weeks I had huge b___bs, veins, tenderness, which I only usually have right before my period. I was so hopeful that this time I conceived. Now today, everything went away- the tenderness and the veins- can I still be pregnant?


ange - October 4

I am also freaking out because my b___bs were very swollen and tender until sunday, end of week 5. They seem to be getting smaller now and I don't feel the same "sacs" I felt on the sides. I took a second HPT this morning and it said positive again but who knows. I hadn't really had any other symptoms (no fatigue, spotting, cramping, back pain, nausea, etc.) so I am pinning everything on the state of my b___bs! I can't sleep and keep squeezing myself. I just went into the ladies at work and got half naked to a__sess the situation once again. They seem bigger than normal, but not tender and none of that filled up feeling. I go to the doctor on Monday so fingers crossed.



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