Breast Tenderness Soreness Fading Away

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ange - October 4

I am also freaking out because my b___bs were very swollen and tender until sunday, end of week 5. They seem to be getting smaller now and I don't feel the same "sacs" I felt on the sides. I took a second HPT this morning and it said positive again but who knows. I hadn't really had any other symptoms (no fatigue, spotting, cramping, back pain, nausea, etc.) so I am pinning everything on the state of my b___bs! I can't sleep and keep squeezing myself. I just went into the ladies at work and got half naked to a__sess the situation once again. They seem bigger than normal, but not tender and none of that filled up feeling. I go to the doctor on Monday so fingers crossed.


CL - October 6

Add me to the list...I am just starting my 7th week today...up until yesterday my b___bs were very store, and this morning I noticed they felt much less sore, and even a little less full. I'm still a little worried, but I felt better reading all this.


sam - October 11

I am almost 11 weeks pregnant. I had tender b___sts up until about week 9 and then all symptoms along with nausea/vomiting disappeared. I also had cramping and brown discharge. A scan rea__sured me everything was ok. Nausea back, but no b___st tenderness. I think everyone is different and it is quite natural to worry at different stages throughout pregnancy.


Another 1st Time Mom - October 12

I'm 9.5 weeks with sub chronic bleed. I'be been on bedrest for the last 3 weeks so I'm pretty observant of every little thing that happens with my body. About 3 days ago all symptoms except nausea disappeared. The b___st soreness was severe so that's the most noticeable change.I go to the doctor's office next Tues. so I'll be sure to post again to let you know what happened.


Joy - October 14

I am in my 7th week and SOOOO nauseous!! it seems to be getting worse! my b___sts are sore....does this nausea subside? i eat a few crackers, feel OK for like 10 minutes and then again the nausea comes back! anyone else experiencing this?


Laura - October 16

I am glad to read that other women are expiriencing the same symptoms as me. I am in my 5.5 week of pregnancy and I am worried because my b___st tenderness disappeared two days ago, I hope everything is fine, I feel better reading about this. Thanks.


mrs morse - October 17

I dont want to alarm anyone, but last year I finally got pregnant after 1 year of trying. I had strong pregnancy symptoms such as nausea and sore b___sts right up to 7 weeks. Then they suddenly disappeared. I just a__sumed everything was fine because I read 'What to Expect when you are Expecting' and the book says not to worry if you're symptoms go away! I hadn't had any bleeding either. When I went for my scan at the 8th week, they found an empty sac which they said was ony 4 weeks in size (blighted ovum). I was and still am devastated about it. Not that rushing to the doctor can help a pregnancy that is doomed, but I strongly recommend for piece of mind and knowing one way or another, get a scan asap and dont a__sume it's all OK. I had to have a D&C and my period took 3 months to come back after that. It was heartbreaking losing a pregnancy and then thinking I'll never get a period again! I am now 7 weeks pregnant and am feeling my b___sts every 5 minutes to make sure they're still sore!


Hope - October 26

Hey, i have been reading alot on b___st tenderness, because i am experiencing it and not the normal kind. i mean, i know that it could be alot of things, but my b___bs are REALLY tender and if i just touch the nipples it hurts sooo bad. is this what pregnant b___st tenderness feels like? what else could make them hurt this bad? i dont have regular periods anyway, so i have no idea when to test or how far along i may be or anything. im so confused. can anyone out ther help?


Jo - November 3

Mr Mors - I am in a similar situation. Had a blighted ovum (and D&C) at 9 weeks after 5 months of trying to fall pregnant. Had no period for 3 months and found out a few days ago that I am about 5 weeks pregnant. My concern is that the first pregnancy, my b___sts were very sore. The soreness stopped at 5 weeks (when the fetus stopped developing), but now, I have absolutely no tenderness or soreness at all. I am naturally very concerned.


Worried - November 10

Hi, I am in the same situation. I am 7 weeks and 6 days and a few days ago my b___sts just went back to normal, not feeling as full or tender. I had a scan at 7 weeks exactly and we saw a heartbeat but i have to go back at 9 weeks as the embryo was small and I dod miscarry in July. It is encouraging to read that some people had healthy pregnancies even with the loss of this symptom. I still have nausea and am holding on that it makes everything else okay. I pray that everything will be ok for all of you. In the meantime I keep hoping for the tenderness to come back, I actually loved it.


Victoia - November 12

l'm 6.5 weeks pregnant. My b___st was sore for 4 weeks straight then it stopped for a week, then it just came back a week ago. The strange part this time it's just my nipples that are sore. Just a few days ago l was bleeding it really scared me thought l had a misscarriage. Went to my OB/GYN they a v____al ultrasound and it turned out the baby is ok even say the heart beat. They told me sometimes when you due for your period you will bleed a bit as long you don't continue to bleed a lot. l pray every day the baby will be fine. Since l am 39 and a high risk because of my age. This is my husband's first and my second my daughter is 16 yrs old and excited and huband is excited too. All of us pregnant women just think positive everything will be ok.


Concerned - November 15

Hi All, I've been reading your posts. I am 4 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I was feeling slight cramps and b___st soreness for the past week, but now I feel nothing. If I miscarried, would I know?


To Concerend - November 15

If you had a miscarriage, you would know. You would have severe cramping and bleeding.


katie - November 17

i am 8 weeks and my b___sts are suddenly "less sore" the went from extremely painful to tender and sore. i'm worried a little. i go to the doctor on monday to see if there is a heart beat. i will book mark this site and write back to let you all know how it went. i feel like all these entries leave us hanging...nobody ever came back to say what their doctor said! or what happened! and you can misscarry without any signs of severe cramping. that's the scary part.


katie - November 18

l had that feeling too. What you are going through l went to my doctor at 6.5 they did a v____al ultrsound and everything is ok with the baby. They even gave me a picture and saw the heart beat. l know what your feeling. The only time you will feel relief is when you finally go to your doctor and he say's everything is ok. The only thing you can do right now is pray and think positive. Keep me in touch to let me know . l will pray for you too.


Victoria - November 18

Sorry katie where it has your name l put the wrong name in it. So it shows your name when it's suppose to be my name Victoria.



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