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Crystal Star - January 12

Just recently I have been out of breathe. It is that feeling right after you cry and you are still trying to catch your breathe. Does anyone know why this is happening and what I should do about it. I am 15 weeks along.


nic - January 14

I'm only 7 weeks, but I feel breathless too. I think I may have low blood pressure due to the pregnancy. Have you checked your BP? I'd see a doctor about it if I were you.... good luck


Sara0910 - January 15

Hey Ladies... I am 14 weeks along.. this past weekend I was suffering from the same out of breathe feeling that you are describing. Just walking up the satirs have made me feel like I have been working out. It usually only lasts a minute or so.. but its definitly noticable!


ThaiMex - January 20

Not to worry, I am 20 weeks now and was experiencing shortness of breathe (even when not doing anything strenuous) in my 1st trimester. It didn't feel like I had the capacity in my lungs to get a sufficient amount of air but my doctor said this was normal and now I am not having this issue anymore.


wailing - February 7

I'm pretty sure shortness of breath is normal. It's in the pregnancy books I've read. It's just b/c your body is pumping so much more blood and Oxygen everywhere. I get shortness of breath from walking to my car sometimes. I'm 20 weeks pregnant. It's a great excuse to sit and relax!


kaya - February 8

I'm 29 weeks preg I have the same problem, When I breath people can hear me, it's pretty loud. Alot of time I breath with my mouth cause my nose is stuffed. I was told it's normal during pregnancy. This morning my nose was bleeding.


jackieh - April 5

When this began happening to me at 24 weeks my midwife put me on an iron supplement, even though my blood pressure was great, your blood volume increases by 50% during your pregnancy and it takes more effort to push it around. When in doubt take a rest for sure but talk to your doctor could be solved with a simple supplement, but beware the constipation, add a fibre supplement too. I like Benefibre.



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