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summer17 - June 5

hi. i have the same problem. but i had my normal period 12 days ago (no pregnancy test was done) It was regular all the way threw like usual but it is always heavythe first 4-5 days,12 days later i noticed brown discharge only when i wipe. can somebody please help me and get back to me asap


fleur - June 6

I'm 7 wks and 4 days pregnant and I've had some brown discharge on and off the past 3 days, only when I wipe myself after going to the toilet. I went to my GP and she a__sured me its nothing to worry about, plenty of women get it, I'm booked in for an ultrasound tomorrow for my own peace of mind. I'm not getting any cramps at all and had a slight bit of pink once when wiping myself, everyone I speak to a__sures me its all fine and normal and the fact that I'm not cramping is a sign that all is ok. I am a bit freaked out though and despite all this rea__surance I wont feel right until I see that ultrasound tomorrow and know everything is ok. Apparently its just old blood and can happen for a few reasons, your period may be due about the time you get it or its because the uterus is moving. I'd advise you to go to your GP though just for rea__surance, take care.


mamatobe - June 19

I am 22 weeks pregnant, and had some brown discharge a coupel weeks ago..turned out to be a slight yeast should get it checked out.


phoenix - June 28

I found out 4 days ago that I was pregnant after taking 3 pregnancy tests, and this morning, I woke up with a dark brown discharge. I've had a bad miscarriage before, but this is weird. Does anyone know?


lillian - July 11

i have a son he wil l be 12 a years old i had a miscarriage a year after him its 11 years later cannot hav4e a baby 2 months ago i had bad pains for 2 days and now i cannot stop bleeding now its brownis can it be


mooch - July 13

I am 31 years old, I had a mis carriage back in May 06. Started period on the 24th June and have started trying again. On the 12th July 06 had some brown pinkish discharge only when I wiped (only in the morning). On the 13th July went to the loo first thing and had it again (today). Nothing more so far. Is it possible it could be implantation bleeding?


Leshiu - July 31

Hi all...I'm at about 7 weeks now, and over the weekend started having same brown discharge (no red or pink at all) as others have posted. The thing that gets me so worried is that I've also had cramping/sore uterus along with the discharge. This is my first pregnancy, and I'm 28 and healthy, but I'm a bit of a worry-wart. I've had this discharge for about 3-4 days now, and it hasn't changed in colour. Cramps are also easing today. (This would be about the right time of month for my period, if I wasn't pregnant.) I had my first ultrasound last week, and the little bub was already showing very early heartbeat at the time. I'll hopefully see the doctor tomorrow just to confirm that everything is ok, but it's such a scary experience. My husband has been comforting, but it's also good to see others are in a similar boat. Makes me feel much less alone. Hugs to all!


heatherlee22 - September 22

Hi I am 22 years old. I have a 14 month old son. My fiance and i have had unprotected intercourse a few weeks ago. My periods are usually irregular so I never really know when I am do to have it. The last normal cycle started July 21st. Today is September 22. I took PT's all this month and all were negative. Then yesterday morning I woke up w/ cramping and ran to the bathroom thinking i was going to have my period but was suprised that I didnt. Then this morning when I woke up and went to the bathroom I noticed a spot of blood in the toilett and wiped myself and i only had pinkish discharge or blood. It was a little mucousy and i wiped again to reasure myself that that was all it was. I have had cramping all day like i do when I have my period. I have had a pad on all day and havent had to change it all day...well i did change it to stay fresh but i wouldnt of had to because all i had was a little bit of brown blood or discharge. I took a PT today too and the result was negative. Does anyone know whats going on w/ me cuz i never had this before? I have 2 PT's left just in case I have to retest.


jnvirani - September 26

My period lasted Aug. 31 - Sept 6. Went to visit my fiance in the states (i live in canada) on Sept 8. Had a little brown discharge on the 10th and then no more. Reading all the postings I'm guessing it was old blood. Back in Canada since the 19th. Am supposed to get my period on Sept 31st and have been having light brown discharge since the 24th. Took two tests with the results being negative. Any ideas? I would love to be pregnant...I know its still a little early but my fingers are crossed. If you would like to send me your response pls email to Thanks and good luck to all of you.


Leshiu - September 26

Just an update to my post on July 31, 06: My pregnancy ended in a complete miscarriage on the 17th of August. I personally came to terms that it would, as my cramps got worse and the brown discharge turned to bright red. My due dates were also a bit funny (changed at each u/s), so the doctor said it looked like the embryo hadn't developed properly. That news only made it slightly easier to take...I still couldn't help but think at the time that I was a failure for not being able to carry to term. I feel more optimistic now, having had a month to gain some perspective, but I did go through a hormone-induced freak-out episode. My husband and I are now continuing with life, and we'll see what happens in the next year. I debated going back on the pill, but we'll just let nature take her course... Good luck to everyone out there, and hugs to you all!


GodsOath - September 27

Hi All, I am nearly 5 weeks pregnant, I found out I pregnant on the 17 September 2006. Last Thursday I noticed a very ligth brown discharge when I wiped after using the toilet. My Husband and I rushed to the A&E a Gynaecologist gave me a internal examination and confirmed that I my cervix was still tigthly closed (good sign). He also took blood samples and did an abdominal check. They nurses and Doctor were tyring to rule out an eptopic pregnancy. The blood sample were to check my HCG levels (pregnancy hormone) which are ideally supposed to double in volume every 48 hrs. My first test revealed an HCG level of 799 and the second (48 hours later) was 1789 (more than double). This is good news and indicates that my pregnancy is progressing normally. It's early days, but I feel really posiitve. We've got our first ultrasound this morning, so hopefully we'll be able to see our little baby. The hospital specialists think that the brown discharge is basically from a small pool of 'old' blood that may be lying behind where the placenta is developing, probably debris from a previous menstrual cycle. Keep Smiling Ladies. When you read some of the posts on this forum, you may be filled with fear, but sometimes a brown discharge is not the start of your worst nightmare. I keep you guys posted.


GodsOath - October 2

Hi Everyone, this is just a follow on from my posting on the 27 September. My Husband and I went for a 5 week scan, but as expected all the we could see was the sac, but our baby was too small at that stage to be seen on the scan. The brown discharge has finally stopped after two weeks, so we're really happy about that. God is Good!!!!! We've got another scan booked for week 7 of my pregnancy, we should be able to hear/see our baby's heart beating. In the meantime more pregnancy symptoms have started, sickness and sore b___sts. Ladies, please be encouraged, a brown discharge is not always something to worry about!!!!


palespring - October 6

I am 15 weeks along and I occasionally have the brown discharge. Usually after s_xual arousal or intercourse. I told my OBGYN about it and she said it was nothing. Brown= old blood at 4 weeks we had intercourse and I bled very badly and went to the ER. I was told that they couldn't hear a heartbeat or see one(no DUH! the baby is TOO YOUNG!) and that I had miscarried. They sent me home, on bedrest for one week. The bleeding stopped before I left the hospital, and never came back. 3 days later the morning sickness began. I thought maybe the hormones were still left in my body, if I had indeed miscarried. However, I knew something was wrong. Moms know best, and I knew the baby was still alive inside me. I made an appointment with my OBGYN, and what do you know? I was still pregnant!! This was much to mine and my husband's joy. I can say that everytime I go to wipe I still get scared I am going to see blood, but the brown stuff is okay. I would suggest anyone who has any concerns talk to their OB, not an ER doctor. They treat and street.


Kristen - October 29

I am 19 years old and have been experiencing a dark brown discharge for the past couple weeks and it has been kind of heavy at times. I havent really had any cramping but two times there has been a little blood mixed in with this brown discharge. I skipped a few pills last month and my boyfriend and I had s_x without a condom a few times...I want to know if I should worry about being pregnant and haveing a miscarriage or if this could just be something else.PLEASE help!!


wens - November 11

Hi everyone! Have used 2 clear blue test and had a blood test. Doc's say I am not pregnant. I am now 12 days late when I am usually like clockwork! Had a very thick brown discharge yesterday, still feel sick every now and then. Starting to worry now.


tsymonne - November 12

everything is probably okay. With my last child, I had brown discharge for probably the first month, and then it finally stopped. I was told that brown discharge is old blood----so try not to worry.



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