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Nicole - March 17

Confused? I just ended my period 2 weeks ago and started taking a different type of pill. My fiance and I have only had s_x once after finishing my period while I was taking the pills now I am having brown discharge that comes and goes. Is this normal for switching pills or is there a chance I might be pregnant?


Sue - March 18

For the past month the little bumps around my nipples have doubled and my nipples have turned a reddish-pink color. The day my period started it was brown in color when it's normally red. It was also very light as if I were spotting. I usually experience cramping but haven't had any this time. I am extremely emotional. I feel exhausted when I normally have plenty of energy. My appet_te is huge when I normally don't even think to eat. I have been having heart flutters. I have taken two home-pregnancy tests and both have come up negative. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for the past twenty years... could this be it?


babygirl - March 18

i am currently 10 weeks pregnant, i have brown mucusy lokking discharge after i urinate. no cramping though. Just normal back pains as usual bc i have an inverted uterus so that is normal.


amo - March 21

hey, im only 17 and i have had s_x but its been a while about 3months since ive had it.about 4weeks ago i got really heavy brown discharge and then two weeks later got my period 2days early b4 it was due. i only havew just started on the pill and i have been on it since i started my last period which was two weeks ago. but i still have brown discharge and my period wasnt heavy like usual.culd this be because i started on the pill. also why am i still have brown discharge when i finished my period and and not ment to get it again for another 2weeks? help please im so confused. i keep bleeding while on the pill as well very light. but im not pregnant


To Amo - March 21

this can happen when your on the Pill, I know when I had the depo shot, I spotted the entire time.......I hated it, and never again went back to it. Call the doctor and see if they can give you another brand...........that may help


Christina - March 23

Hi, I'm 25 and 7weeks pregnant,plus a couple of days. Last night I noticed brown discharge when I wiped. I have had cramping right from the begining. Is there anything I should worry about?


Erica - March 26

I had brown spotting for about a week then yesterday started getting red blood and a little heavier. I also started getting light cramps. I go to the doctor in 2 days but unfortunately I already think that I'm miscarrying.


lauren - March 27

im not sure if i am pregant yet.. but i havent gotten my period i have been irrgeular for year.. but when u first got pregant did u have regualr clear discharge?


Miti - March 29

I also have the brown discharge plus a bit of mucus (reading about the old blood here has rea__sured me!) I also have Cyst_tis infection - got antibotics for that! My GP/Nurse has told me to take two weeks complete rest except for going to the loo! I am about 6 weeks pregnant. Anyone else have the same advice?


Jennifer - March 30

This is my 3rd pregnancy, other two ended in miscarriage. With the second one I was 10 weeks and got some brown discharge which later turned to red blood. We found out through ultrasound that it was a blighted ovum and that brown discharge is often a precursor. Now I'm 10 weeks again and we KNOW this one isn't a blighted ovum (confirmed heartbeat @ 6 weeks) but I had some brown discharge this morning. I don't know, doc just says to take it easy and keep an eye on it. It's scary business!


Thorfinn - April 2

My fiancee is just entering her 11th week, and she just discovered brown mucus-type discharge after going to the toilet. Today her b___sts weren't sore either, so now she's convinced that there's a problem. It's the weekend and indeed the middle of the night, so she says there will be no one who can help at the hospital. I tried to comfort and rea__sure her, but she remains convinced something's wrong, and really I am just as worried as she is. Any advice from people who have been here before?


Jennifer - April 3

Any advice? Well emerg is usually the fastest way to get an ultrasound, but you will have to sit around for a while there. Or call your doc first thing Monday morning. Take it easy and try very hard not to catastrophise (easier said than done I KNOW). Update on my brown discharge - I heard the heartbeat on Friday with the doppler, all sounded well, but then had some more brown discharge on Saturday so it's probably nothing. All the best Thorfinn.


Jesssika - April 4

i am 5 months pg I feel real wet/moist. is this normal?


Jen - April 5

does brown discharge mean you are pregnant?


Lil - April 7

I was due to get my period yesterday and i only had brown spotting. it wasnt much, it was only there when i wiped. a little more today and thats all. i have been eating a lot, getting a few cramps and feeling really tired. i also have noticeable veins on my b___sts which feel heavy as well. i would like to know if there is a chance that i could be pregnant?


youngone - April 12

im so scared, i took a pregnancy test sunday night and got a positive and the next day i took two more (diff. brand) and got neg. on both...lately ive been having some brownish discharge it started out with pink/red blood but now its just soo scared can anyone tell me whats goin on?



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