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youngone - April 12

im so scared, i took a pregnancy test sunday night and got a positive and the next day i took two more (diff. brand) and got neg. on both...lately ive been having some brownish discharge it started out with pink/red blood but now its just soo scared can anyone tell me whats goin on?


amanda - April 14

if you are experiencing lower abdominal pain including ur discarge it could be a miscarraige, if no doctor but it could be an answer. your best bet is to go to the doctor and get it checked out.... pregnacy tests are never acurate so ask your GP to give you a test... good luck amanda Ireland :)


Melody - April 15

Yes, I have had the same thing before.


sad mommy - April 19

Jennifer, I read your post and please, please have the doctor check it out and get you to the ultrasound asap. It's better to have everything confirmed on ultrasound that your baby is okay. I don't want to scare you more that you already are, but I had brown discharge and the nurse told me not to worry. The next day it turned bright red and I found out I had misscarried my baby at 7 weeks. I was 12 weeks when I found out. On the other hand, since you've already heard a heartbeat, that is a great sign! I hope you and the baby will be fine. My mom had some heavy bleeding after a fall in her second month of pregnancy but my baby brother was a fighter and everything turned out just fine. Just trust your female/maternal instincts. Wish you all the best! (P.S. this post is not meant to scare you or put more worries on you, but just want to give you some info on my experience)


amy - April 22

i'm having brownish stuff instead of red blood. at first it was red but then the next day it was brown can i be pregnant


ana - April 22

does brown dishcarge meen ur pregant


Melissa - April 24

I am 8 weeks with brown discharge for about 4 days now. I have had two miscarriages in the last year. Should I be worried?


sari - April 25

I am trying to get pregnant. My husband and I just had intercourse few days ago, and since then I have brown discharge for few days. Could I be pregnant?


deb - April 28

some women do experience brown discharge. i think u need to talk to your g.p just to be sure things are going fine and to give peace of mind. remember your body is changeing rapidly and needs to adjust to the hormone levels etc. im sure everything will be fine, but dont just rely on home preg tests. see your gp or family planning clinic. all the best.


t - April 30

I'm surprised no one has mentioned the type of miscarriage which is known as a "blighted ovum". Do a "google" search because there is tonnes of information out there and it is one of the most common types of miscarriage. One of the symptoms of this type of miscarriage is brown discharge. Unfortunately, you do not always spontaneously expell the pregnancy at the time that the fertilised egg stops developing and when this happened to me I had to have a D&C to bring it all to a conclusion. I have had a healthy pregnancy since and I am now pregnant again (5 weeks). Today I started having brown discharge again and I'll be calling my obstetrician on Monday. One of the misleading things about blighted ovum is that even though the embryo is not developing, the placenta does often continue to develop. This means that your hormone levels keep increasing and you continue to feel pregnant (eg morning sickness, sore breatsts etc). I was devastated the first time I experienced this because I had a__sumed that since my hormone levels were increasing, that the pregnancy was OK and that what I was experiencing was just the "light bleeding" that people tell you is common with some pregnancies. As a result, the whole problem was not picked up until I had an ultrasound at 14 weeks. The obstetrician estimated that the embryo had stopped developing about 2 weeks after it was fertilised. Don't let these symptoms go unchecked - have an ultrasound done because it can be picked up early and spare you the misery of finding out that you have not had a viable pregnancy for weeks.


A Girl - May 1

I think i am pregnant, I have been having alot of brown discharge, and my stomach is cramping really bad. I have not got the rest of the symtoms yet but could this be a sign?


To "A Girl" - May 1

Those sound like period symptoms. Did you have unprotected s_x? If not, then you're probably not pregnant!


Jeanette - May 2

I have had this brown discharge just for a day or two, but I had unprotected s_x two nights ago (meaning, without a condom, im on the shot) and i had s_x w/o a condom for the last few months, a couple times a week. I've been spotting here and there for the last couple weeks. Do u think there is ANYWAY Im pregnant, because I've been drinking alot and if I am, I dont want anything to happen to my baby. PLEASE reply, Im only 18 and really need to know what you all think! THANKS!!!


Tonya R - May 11

I took a home pg test a week ago and it came back positive but im having a brown discharge and no morning sickness and no cramping is this normal or have anyone gone through this?


Beck - May 13

I am 12 weeks pregnant and have had a light brown discharge for the past two days. Is this normal? On some other sites it says I could be having a miscarrige? I'm really worried!


MKS - May 18

Im 10 weeks pregnant and I started to spot again the last 2 days. I spotted for almost 6 weeks but it went away now its back with very very light cramping on the left side of my stomach. I called the doctor she said it could be normal is it?



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