Butterfly Feelings Need Some Feedback

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Veronica - February 4

Hi everybody!, I am so happy I found you. I am 14weeks preg. This week I starded havein all kinds of sensations: cramps, thigh achines when i sleep on either side, stab feel like pokines around the stomach. And i get alot of butterlfies with a litlle hunger feeling but after I had already eaten my main meals. Do Tums help ? or anything else??? I am way to paranoid already, Any suggestions of this feelings and how to not pay to much attentions. We already had 2 utlrasounds and our baby is growing perfect and the Doctor said the baby is fine. I still would love to hear from you . thank you ! and i wish all of you a wonderful pregancy and look forward sharing this beuties with all of you in this journey.


AshleyB - February 5

I've heard of women feeling the baby move as early as 14wks. That could be the b___terfly feelings. Other than that, you may want to get one of those pregnancy pillows that help support you while you're sleeping. Good luck and congrats on the healthy baby.


little_snowball - February 6

i get the b___terfly feelings a lot, and it worries me. but then again, everything worries me sincee i found out. every pain, cramp, noise worries me. sometimes when i move a certain way, i think: did i just hurt the baby? so i'm right there with you on the paranoia.


livdea - February 6

the baby is so protected inside your body that there is little you can do it harm it! I think we all feel the cramps, the aches and pains, b___terflies, gas bubbles, kicks, stiches, sore b___ts, uncomfortable legs, ALL OF IT :) I think unless you have a real stabbing pain and bleeding you are pretty much just pregnant! I've been getting pre-natal ma__sages and they help make me feel so much better, just loosening everything up. I too am super paranoid but am starting to realize that most likely everything is just fine! congrats on your pregnancy and good luck getting more comfy...a body pillow is a big help!



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