Can You Still Have Your Period

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Lindsay - November 9

Can I still have my period during preganancy?


chris - November 16

Yes. Although not that common, it's not impossible. How far along are you? If you become worried, I'd ask my doctor.


Lindsay - November 17

I think im like not even a month yet....maybe a month now...but when i touch my stomache i feel a kind of hard ball startsat the bottom of my belly that normal? sorry im only 15.....and my boyfriend is the one i live with he is 19 almost 20..and i honestly know nothing about pregnancy.


chris - November 17

I think you should go to the doctor. You are quite young, and a still birth/miscarriage is a risk for you at this age. Please, see your doctor asap.


Karen - November 17

Yes you can still have your period and I agree with all the other people you need to see your dcotor I am in the same boat as you are but I am 22 and I haven't been to the doctor and I don't know if I am going to keep my baby or give it up for adoption


Stacey - November 17

Also if you wouldn't be feeling a hard ball just under your belly b___ton if you weren't even a month pregnant yet


Lindsay - November 17

i dont know how far along i am..oh and we are keeping it...i dont believe in abortion or adoption..even open..


Sandri - December 6

I'm so glad I found this, I've been searching for about an hour trying to find out if I can have my period and be pregnant. I guess I better get to a doctor, if my calculations are correct, I'd be just about 3 months. Thanks all for the help!


ariana - December 7

no you can not have your period when you are may be spotting which can be mistaken for a period but YOU CAN NOT have a REGULAR period


Jenn - December 13

I dont know im kind of in the same boat as you..i had unprotected s_x a day before my period but got it a few days late and it was boyfriend thinks that i am but im not it possible?


??? - December 14

i have unprotected s_x all the time and i came on my period a couple of weeks ago but even before that and now im gettin fat just a little bit at the bottom of my stomach do ya think i could be pregnant?


Zoe - December 19

yes you cans till have a period and be pregnant but it will b lighter and shorter than far along a pregnancy is it till you notice the bump


taynica - January 3

yes, even though you may have had s_x like a few days before your period you could probably be pregnant.


tee tee - January 5

i am having my period and i think that i am pregnet. i am feeling sick all the time and i am eating all the time. so what i the deal with that?


sarah - January 10

i had lots of s_x the week and a half before my period. i am on birth control but i have not been taking it at the same time every day, i even missed one day. i got my period but i am worried about pregnancy possibilities. help!!


KAtie - January 13

can u still be preganat if on your period


Tiffany - January 18

i dont know!!!



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