Carpal Tunnel And Purple Hand

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Jbear - March 1

I am 14 weeks and have been waking up with numb hands for several weeks now. This afternoon I took a nap and woke up four times because my hands were numb. Then, when I got up, I had a big purple spot on my hand like a bruise, but I hadn't hit it on anything. Has anyone else had this happen to them?


Laurie - March 3

Yes! I suffered carpal tunnel terribly with my first pregancy. I had to wear hand splits to bed - the pain/numbness was so severe. Nothing yet this pregnancy, I am also 14 weeks, but I also had a purple-bruise-like spot a couple weeks ago...???


Christine - March 9

I'm about 35 weeks pregnant with my third...and never had carpal tunnel before..but since about 30 weeks I wake up every morning with the same purple spot...but numbness..and retained fluid...I just cant wait for her to get went to the doc about it cause it started shooting up my arm and such...she says its normal...


Tan - March 9

I had carpal tunnel 10 years ago, it mellowed out until about a year ago and now it is back big time! I am 18.5 weeks along and it started to get bad about two weeks ago, I wear splints and ice them before I go to bed. The ice helps a little, tiny bit!!! Even if it doesnt take it away completely, I would suggest trying the ice because it does help!


Tan - March 10

Hey JBear, I just had an appointment with our onsite rehab guy and he worked on my wrists and suggested that icing was good but that sticking my whole hand and wrist into ice water was even better. He suggested about every hour for about ten during the eve before bed. I am definitely going to try this!


Darnell - March 31

I am 22 weeks pregnante and I have severe carpal tunnel. I prop pillows up, however its hard to lay on sides. I wear splits which have helped some. I cant even open bottled water.


Jbear - April 3

I'm 18 weeks now and still waking up with big blue spots on my hands. I'm not having a lot of pain, just the spots. I asked my OB and he said it was normal. He says that about everything, though, and I'm worried that it might be a real problem with my circulation.


susie - April 28

I'm glad I'm not the only one, I thought for sure I had some major problems. This is my fourth child and have never experienced this before, It is miserable, especially at night. I will try the ice. What sort of wrist bands do you use?


Dana - April 29

I'm 24 weeks pregnant & have experienced minor numbness/tingling every morning over the past 2 weeks - progressively getting worse & worse. Was so bad this morning it was really painful & I couldn't even move my hand. I'm definatley gonna try ice tonight & I'm off to get some splints from the chemist tomoro


ms kitty - June 2

I am 18 weeks pregnant with my third, but it has been 17 years since my last. I have never had so many side effects that my doctor says are normal but are so severe I can not work, or do any normal chore longer than 15 minutes. As soon as one symptom ends (last month was headaches) another one begins. I now have horrible numbness and pain in both hands and at night it gets worse and pain shoots up my arm. I am scared to drive and I keep dropping things and can't hold the phone for long. When does it end?


Tan - June 2

It ends when the baby is born, I am told! My doctor wrote me a prescription for the hospital to make splints for me for night time cause I wasnt sleeping. They have helped a lot for during the night. Still have problems during the day but at least I can sleep! Maybe you should look into custom made splints too?


Renee - June 2

I am 23 weeks and I heard that I too have carpal tunnel. It is terrible. I wake up in the middle of the night and sit up stretch my neck and my arms and the pain goes away till I lay back down. I try to lay on a tilt so I am not directly on my back and I sleep with my arms stretched out. I am getting used to it.


Donna - June 8

Phew! It's 'normal'. I am 19 weeks and have been waking up at night for the past month with severe pain and numbness in my hands. It is very distressing as it does feel like a serious circulation problem, and the lack of sleep is sooo draining. Will try the ice!


bobo - June 9

has anyone tried acupuncture?it works for a lot of things,including carpal tunnel,i used to get trreatments for my back before i was pregnant,and know i have no actually fixes things,unlike wearing splints or icing your can also get ma__sages to increase your blood flow to your entire body.


bobo - June 9

you can also take an herb called Wu Pi San, i don't know where you live but i can tell you about a good acupuncturist if you can go to a website and ask advice.don't ever get an operation for it.


Donna - July 4

I got the splints a week ago and have not woken up with numb hands since. They are just generic ones, so no need to spend heaps at the physio. I would highly recommend them!


SAMANTHA - August 24




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