Charlie Horse Pains

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Trixiedoodle - July 13

For the last 2-3 days (and especially nights) I have had what I can only describe as Charlie horse pains in my big toe of all places! I can't say I've ever experienced this before. Is anyone else having any strange pains or is it just me? lol


flower.momma - July 13

Oooh, I get that sometimes. Does your toe just go into a weird position and then cramp there? Or is it more of an ache? I get those in my legs and feet. When I drink a lot of water, and walk often, it helps. If it is just an ache, you may have injured it without knowing.


Seredetia - July 13

yes, keep hydrated and try eating bananas...I know the banana thing sounds weird, but the pota__sium helps keep muscles from cramping up like that.


Trixiedoodle - July 14

flower.momma, it's more of an ache type pain, it doesn't change position but it hurts! I will try the water thing & the banana thing (thanks Seredetia).


KLT - July 17

I get a charlie horse in my leg almost every morning when I wake up if I stretch. Never happened before except for maybe once in a blue moon. What do you guys suppose these cramps we are getting is from? Is it the extra weight on our bodies or changes??


Vashti - July 22

I had these pains for awhile, before realizing that my prenatals didn't contain pota__sium!!! I bought some from Wal-Mart and take it every evening with my prenatal, and haven't had another charlie horse pain since. It works much better, and more reliably than eating bananas...unless you eat bananas every day. You could also research pota__sium in foods, for a more natural addition to your diet as opposed to the manufactured vit, but a pill is certainly easier. Many blessings, and good luck!


ettenna - August 4

had charlie horse pains too while pregnant. i asked my midwife and she said that i needed to stop drinking so much milk. I literaly was drinking a gallon of milk a day. after i stop drinking so much milk my charlie horses went away..



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