Cold Sores

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katelyn - January 19

hey. im a couple weeks along and im developing a cold sore on the side of my mouth. two of my friends who were also recently pregnant got cold sores too. is this a normal symptom or what?


SS - January 20

I am nine weeks and have cold sores too. The acidity caused by all changes in the body apparently does it. My nurse was saying it is normal.


Christine - February 11

It is possible that I too am pregnant, and I usually only get cold sores when I'm stressed out (over the past three 1/2 years of college, I have gotten a cold sore the week after finals, pretty consistantly). I have two cold sores right now.


Tammy - April 18

I am 12 weeks now & have, unknowingly, been suffering cold sores for the last 3-4 weeks ! I have never experienced them before & so had thought "oh hormonal spots" & made them worse in the process. It seems like from all I have read on the internet today that hormone levels & lowered immunity make these quite a common sympton.


Jane - April 20

If you put ice on your cold sore when you first see it, this will help shorten the duration of the cold sore. You should leave the ice on the cold sore for about 15 mins a few times a day until the cold sore goes away. This is a safe and works really well for me. Good luck!


erica - April 20

I been having alot of back pain and creamy discharge plus i have 2 cold sores in my mouth. Can I be pregnant. My period is due in 7days.


HP - July 5

I have never had a cold sore before in my life and this is the first month I have been trying to get pregnant. My period is due this week but yesterday I woke up with my very first cold sore. Maybe pregnany is causing the outbreak? My husband gets cold sores so I guess I could have the virus but never had a outbreak before.


Natalie - August 30

Hi! I usually get fever blisters when I stay out in the sun too long. However, i am 10 weeks pregnant and just got one.Apparently, it is pregnancy related.


Maria - September 14

Take a bowl fill it with cold water and sit in it for 15-20 min.



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