Constant Discomfort And Pain

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Mel - May 20

I would like to know if the following is all normal for 31 weeks pregnant 2nd pregnancy. Constant pelvic bone pain, usually on the left but occasionally on the right. Whenever standing, walking or bending, tail bone pain gets increasingly worse. Pain with every movement the baby makes A feeling as if my skin is going to tear just above my pubic line. Constant headaches, blood noses and constipation pains. I am carrying alot lower than my last pregnancy, could this be the cause of all the pain? Any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated. Thank you


Mel - May 20

Ooops I forgot, my belly gets really tight and hurts. Is this the baby pushing against my belly or braxton hicks contractions? It happens everyday.


Jbear - May 20

I think you should check with your doctor. Maybe one of those elastic support belts would help too. About your headaches, has your doc checked your blood pressure lately? A rise in blood pressure can cause headaches. Sorry you feel so bad, I'm 24 weeks and I'm pretty miserable too for a variety of reasons. Seems like my first pregnancy was a lot easier than this one.


Crystal - May 28

I don't know if it's normal but I am going through the same thing and my dr. a__sures me everthing is fine. Thought I am dialated and still have about 6 weeks or so to go, I am so miserable maybe it's because I concieved so close to my second child. (8 weeks) But I would suggest just resting as much as possible and don't do anything you don't have to, things around the house can wait. Drs. orders for me!! Good luck.


nelly - May 28

i have always heard that the 2 pregnancy is always more painful than the 1 and i am a believer because i am doing a lot of the same things as well and i never did any of them with my 1 and my doc says its normal to, they say your body does even more stretching and works even harder with the 2 than it did with the 1. its seems odd it seems like the 2 would be easier but i guess not.


Mel - June 1

Thank you all for your responses. You've rea__sured me and now I feel I'm not going mad! I've got just over 7 weeks to go and can only hope that it goes quickly. Once again, thank you



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