Constant Peeing

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jkostenski - February 22

Since I've been about 8 wks (now 24 wks) pregnant, I've been experiencing extremely frequent urination. It's gotten relentless now.I've gotten so freaked out over it that I've seen about 10 doctors and even changed my OBGYN. The urge to pee is constant when I'm walking. The only relief I get is lying/sitting down. I also have this tingling sensation in my urinary tract on occasion, it's especially apparent when the baby kicks. When I pee, it's hardly ever alot, and sometimes I feel like I have to pee again when I stand up and walk away. I've gotten my docs so frustrated that they've prescribed me antibiotics even though I have no infection(they don't work if there's no infection) and even had a cystoscopy (it showed no bladder inflammation or ulcers). My OBGYN had me see a urogynecologist and he talked to me for a few minutes and said that he thought I had something called interst_tial cyst_tis. It's supposed to be a chronic inflammation of the bladder, but I have no inflammation. My family thinks this doc is nuts but now I'm extremely worried that my pregnancy pee habits are not normal. Has anyone else spent their life in the bathroom during their pregnancy? I'd feel so much better if I knew it wasn't only me.


jocelyn1121 - February 25

I have to pee constantly too but I don't think it is as severely as you. But when you use the bathroom, bend forward to make sure u empty it all out. But besides that I don't know.


jodsil - February 26

I feel like this too but maybe not as bad as you. During the first trimester I was up around 5-6 times a night. During the day, every 30 minutes. It never failed and still doesn't, I can pee before I leave for a walk and have to pee 5 minutes later. In the second trimester I only pee 1-2 times a night and still every 30 minutes during the day if I am drinking water. When I do go it is not alot and the pressure I feel on my bladder if I don't empty right away is crazy, it feels like I will go in my pants. I have thought for the longest time I have a bladder infection because I need to go so often and not alot comes out but I think it's just the baby resting on my bladder?? I will ask my obGyn when I go in March.


jkostenski - February 26

Thanks for letting me know that I'm not alone in this. Babies can rest on your bladder I guess, so I'm thinking that this is probably part of my problem. I have, however, just started a program with a naturopathic doc who is based out of Boston, MA. He actually spoke with me for 2 hrs. on the phone and I explained my problem to him. He doesn't think that I have that Interst_tial cyst_tis thing yet, but he went over my medical history with me and is starting me on a program to fix what we believe is wrong in my bladder/urethra. He says that this problem sometimes starts in pregnancy, and actually is caused by taking too many antibiotics over a course of time. He seemed very knowledgeable and has been practicing for 28 yrs. I actually got his name off of this site because someone else used him. If anyone is interested in checking out his site, it's


eclectic66 - March 22

Wow, I feel better!! I too have suffered from this and just recently asked my OB if I was "normal" bc I have the constant urge to pee and then when I do go it just drips out. Last night I actually sat on the toilet for almost 30 minutes just trying to fully empty my bladder when it was already empty!! I am so neurotic that I even self diagnosed myself as having incarcerated uterus bc I thought maybe the baby wasn't moving upward and was stuck squished on my bladder. I am 20w3d and I was really looking foward to the 2nd trimester bc they say you get some bladder relief, but not me!! It only seemed to get worse. I have been checked for UTI and it's not. Basically I think that there are some women out there that have extra sensitive bladders and you sound like one of them. I feel your pain and wish you the best. Just remember this too shall pa__s :-)



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