Constipation Issues

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Missy - October 17

I am almost 8 weeks pregnant. The only uncomfortable symptom I have is the constipation. I have tried everything, fiber, fruits, prunes, water, nothing seems to help. On Saturday it was so bad I almost threw up from the painful constipation cramps. It was like trying to pass tar out of my body! Any suggestions??


Jen - October 18



vickie - October 20

i read somewhere that you should sleep on your right side at night in early pregnancy to help empty the stomach at night. It must work cause i always end up pooing right when i wake up. :)


Donna - October 25

Definitely try Metamucil for the extra fiber and Colace is a stool softener. Safe to use during pregnancy - my OB recommended them to me. They worked like a charm!!!


Jenn - November 4

I use benifiber its great you can mix it in any drink except pop and you dont even taste it


B - November 25

I have the same thing. I take Colace (stool softner). I am afraid to push to hard and long because it decreases the oxygen to your blood (and therefore your baby) and makes you blood pressure increase due to the pressure on your heart. I had a miscarriage earlier this spring, so I guess I am being paranoid. Does anyone else feel this way?


Crissy - November 25

Eating ripe papaya, kiwis and mangos have done wonders to me, but I am also surprised with the benefits of flax seed, which I started taking because I read it was good for baby´s brain development: 1/2 to 1 tsp in yoghurt or in a fruit smoothie, or you can bake it with muffins/pancakes. You are through the first weeks of pregnancy when your body is adjusting, so don´t worry, things do get better later on.


Annette - November 25

Have you by any chance decreased your fat consumption? Because I did in the beggining to prevent weight gain and that´s when I got really constipated!!! I stay away from bacon and lard, but try to add some olive oil to my salad or whole wheat bread/pasta.



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