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Kammi - December 9

I recently found out that I was 8 weeks pregnant and could not be happier. I also recently started cramping and having a pain in my left lower abdomen, is this normal please tell me it is, I need to stop worrying so much, I'm driving my boyfriend crazy with it. If anyone wants to e-mail me to share pregnancy worries you can at [email protected]


Sabrina - December 9

Some cramping, especially near the bottom of your stomach is normal in 1st trimester. It's from the ligaments under your stomach stretching. Don't worry about it unless there's bleeding too.


kat - December 19

i dont know for sure that im pregnant but ive also been getting pain in my lower left not sure if i should be happy as it may be another positive sign i could be pregnant or worried that somethings wrong.


alison - December 19

i'm so pleased someone else feels these cramps i too was worried. thanks for the relief


Sara - December 20

I'm 11 weeks pregnant and constantly get cramps on and off. It hurts most on the left and just above my hair (sorry to be gross) apparntly this is your uterus growing because it no longer fits so causes friction with other things because your body is not used to it being there, it should settle within the 1st few weeks of the 2nd trimester. x


Lisa - December 21

I am 5 weeks pregnant and i have lower abdominal cramping, my doctor said it was normal for 1st time pregnacy's, becaue i have a virgin uterus and it has to stretch to make room for the baby, he said it could also be from the egg implanting into my uterus. Don't worry, see your doctor.


Alicia - December 31

I too am 8 weeks pregnant and also have cramping. Not major cramping but my back hurts and my lower abdomen. I called my doctor and he told me that as long as there was no blood I should be fine. He also said he is finding that some women can feel the placenta imbed itself into the uterus causing discomfort. I too am very nervous, but I go to the doctors next week I am sure everything is fine


Marilyn - January 12

Thanks for the updates! I am almost 5 weeks pregnant and have suffered for almost two weeks with Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS) this is a condition that you get when you have been over stimulated with the injectable stimulators - I was concerned with the cramping from that and the normal cramping - I find that I cramp on both sides when I get out of my car, or out of bed or getting up from my chair at work. My doctors office a__sures me this is very normal - they say there is something growing inside that needs room and this is the ligaments moving! Very normal! I'm so glad others feel these cramps also! Since I am a first timer I have been concerned!


linz_butler - January 29

i spotted then started cramping in the lower abdomen, its not sever, should i be worried?


babyblue2 - January 30

my doc told me blood irritates the uterus, so even a little spotting causes cramping. I spotted slightly at 10 weeks due to a small tear in my placenta. The spotting was only for a day, but the cramps lasted almost a week. I am now 15 weeks and all is well. Try not to worry.


dani212009 - June 26

hi there i am all new to all this and i am also experiancing the same, i am 6 weeks on monday and since i found out 2 weeks ago i have been getting backaches constanly and cramping, does anybody know when it should calm down?



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