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Kristina - January 20

I am 7 weeks pregnant and ever since i missed my period i have had menstrual type cramping (NO BLEEDING JUST CREAMY WHITE VAGINAL DISCHARGE), back pain, leg cramps, is this normal? This is my second pregnancy! I never had any of this with my First Pregnancy and Im alittle paranoid about Twins or am I just carrying differently then i did with my first?? Any insight would be helpful. :)


Cathy - January 22

The cramps are caused by your uterus stretching. Also some women get period pain type cramps around when thier period would have been due.


jo - February 5

hi i'm now 8wks pg and have same problem as u, doctor say's it's quite normal aslong as ya not bleeding, i had same wiv my 2yr old daughter wen pg but she woz fine. i know it is worrying as i'm in same boat again,just take it day 2 day and talk 2 ya gp if still worried, hope all goes well


JF - February 5

I am only like 4 weeks 2 days just found out and am also having low back pain? I don't know if this is normal or not?


sarahlee - February 9

I have been having the same pains my doctor said it was normal. This is my fourth time and it is really different. As for the twins thing I had twins the last time and I didn't have any cramping at all. This is the only one that's given me problems at least it's the last one!! We are trying for a boy!!!


Kara - February 11

Hi Kristina, I'm nearly 9 weeks pregnant with my first child, I have had cramping ever since my missed period too, exactly same symptoms you described, including back pain and cramping down thighs, I've had 2 early ultrasounds, and they said there is no problem, and bub is fine. Check with a doctor to be sure, but as long as your not bleeding, and they've checked that your pregnancy is not ectopic, than don't worry.


christa - February 16

im 6 weeks and i have tons of cramps but all my friends say its natural, i wouldnt worry it will make u sick


carol - February 25

my last period was on 1/24/2005 and im feeling cramping pain in lower v____al and i feel like something want to come down what going on with me


kristina...... - February 26

hi ! iam 4weeks pregnant and also having cramping... this is also my 2nd child and i didn't have any cramping with my first. but this little one iam... no bleeding either, but i tooo have white discharge..... my doctor called me yesterday and told me that the white discharge was a yeast infection... ive never had one before and i didn't really even know about it.... you too could have a yeast infection...... our systoms are the same,, maybe the cramping is becuase of an infection. when you pee is it pretty dark yellow, and not really clear? i thought maybe i had an uninary tract infection, (which i had with my first son) it could be thast maybe also... have you been to the doctor........ have you had an u/s?


Allison - March 13

I am 7 weeks pregnant, also having lower back pain and leg cramping. The back pain goes on and off. I am also having some c___pming in my stomach.This is my second pregnancy. The first first was a miscarriage. I am scared of it happening again.


Trish - March 15

Hi I just found out I'm PG, 4 weeks and 4 days :)~ I have cramps that make me run to the bathroom every five minutes like AF is coming. These do feel different than AF cramps in that they seem to go away for a bit and then come back again. This started about 7 days ago and still cramping today. Glad to know that others are feeling this too...


maureen - March 27

I am also cramping,,,,i heard it was ok too..


Ansley - March 28

I am between 5-7 wks pregnant (going to my first doctor's appt tomorrow) and I am also cramping and was worried. I am getting an ultrasound done tomorrow.


H - March 29

Wow, I just found out last week I was pregnant and i am having the same problems... i was concerned about an ectopic pregnancy (have Dr. appointment on thurs.) But to hear everyone say its normal, that makes me feel a little better. :)



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