Cramping At 15 Weeks

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Kay - March 17

I am cramping at 15 weeks, it's mostly on my right side. I believe it's normal, just my uterus growing. My doctor has done an ultrasound and everything is fine. It just has me a little worried still... Has anyone else experienced this? Maybe I'll give it a couple more days, it's been two days of cramping on and off.


Allie - March 18

I'm also 15 weeks along and have cramping and a general feeling of constant pressure (no pain though) . I had an ultrasound last week and everything was fine - but I can't help but worry (lost last pregnancy at 8 wks). I think I'm becoming paranoid - I'm starting to read up on incompetent cervix.....


margo - March 20

I'm 18 weeks and had cramping yesterday and today. Yesterday it was around my belly b___ton; and today it was on the left (a dull constand) ended during my walk when I also realized my stomach was sticking out a LOT more! So, muscles, ligaments are certainly stretching and would of course create the cramping sensation I was feeling. I still get worried at every little twitch I feel, though!!!


Kay - March 20

My cramping is lower, almost like a menstrual cramping. It just makes me worry because I got upset the other day and it's been endless since then.


Missie - March 24

I'm also at 15 weeks and have experienced some pressure and severe back ache and thigh cramps. I can't seem to get comfy at night and toss and turn constantly. So you aren't alone. :)


Tara - March 25

I just started having this two days ago and it still has not stopped. I'm not bleeding or anything, its just pains on either side. It's just ligaments and muscles stretching.


April - April 12

I am also 15 weeks alone and I too have been cramping but, I think that it's could be what you eat. I think the cramps could result from gas that is not released.


becky - April 13

I am a pregnant registered nurse that works in "mother baby" at the hospital. Females come in all the time with cramping 12 - 19 weeks. Sometimes it from the uterus extending or abdominal muscles lengthening or even pain from their spine being out line. Contractions can be timed and seen on the monitors. They present in a regular intervals. Also, moms usually have bleeding and extreme pain before the loss of the pregnancy. For those that have had children it feels like active labor. You can't talk though the cramps and they last anywhere from 45 seconds to a 90 seconds (sometimes longer). Just remember that if you loss a pregnancy before 16 weeks over 90% of those were due to fetal abnormalities. It is your own body's way of taking care of problems. Back pain can be hell though. If you are having trouble sitting for a given amount of time or muscles are spasming in your back, trying seeing a chiropractor or having a ma__sage done. Chiropractor patients usually don't have to get c-sections and some of them can even turn a breech baby within a week or two of adjustments. Birthing tubes and b___s are also great to think about it you have back pain. For some reason being in water helps alot of mom's get through contractions better in labor. I haven't tried it but I have seen it work wonders on moms.


Tanja - April 17

I'm 15 weeks too and was a little worried also because I have had cramping and kind of off and on pain on my right side too for 2 days. But my mom said that it's just the baby growing i guess


Tina - May 11

Thank you Becky for you answer, it has really put my mind at rest. So what ever cramping I get that isn't coming at regular intervals should be fine. Phew!


Leisha - May 17

I am 12 weeks and have miscarried twice in the past. I spotted recently but I have since been to my doctor and had an ultrasound, all is well. However, today I have started cramping a bit. It hasn't gone away. I have also been constipated. Could this be the cause and of course a growing baby???


Laura - June 6

I keep up with week-by-week symptoms, and it is around 15 weeks you begin experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions, which is basically the uterus 'practicing' for labor... just make sure to call your physician if they start coming regularly, stronger, or closer together, or any fluids come out; it could be premature labor. If it gets progressively more painful, don't forget, it could be your appendix! Otherwise some cramping is perfectly normal.


jackie - August 16

well am 15 weeks too am having cramping and bleeding but baby is fine doc says it my cervix but am still very worried i always thought bleeding was a bad sign doc says its normal !!!!


julyen - June 4

im almost 15 weeks... im experiencing cramping also on my right side near to my pelvis.. im really worried and i always cry whenever this happens to me.. it also happened when my baby is only 6 weeks and i had an ultrasound but everything is fine. then it happened again when my baby is 9 weeks and i had an ultrasound again but there's nothing wrong.. i dont know why this is happening, i worry a lot....


natasha123 - October 20

i am also getting the pains that you say you have and i was worrying if any thing was wrong but as i have looked it seems to be normal at this stage but i also have an over large ovarian cyst that hasnt gone and i was suposed to have an op could that be another reason for the aches it my first baby and i don't want to lose it im 16 weeks on wednseday will it get better


missonce - April 16

I'm 15 weeks pregnant a i've to also been expeariencing cramping from my belly b___ton and down lower, its almost like menstral crmping but not painful. I think this is normal due my uturus and muscles stretcing and growing. Althoughi think this is normal it does make me worry!!


BaSari - May 17

Girls, i'm the mother now but i remember all my pregnant months, and i was interested to read about future mothers's feelings. i had been tired too untill i began to listen to my body, so i relaxed and my rest months felt fine. i can recommend you to eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, nuts, watch good films and listen to the relaxing music for example Piamime ''Music and feelings'. This is the most beautiful piano music i've ever heard, its really helped me. i did it and got a wonderful child :) don't worry, my dear girls, everything will be OK!



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