Cramping At 15 Weeks

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BaSari - May 17

Girls, i'm the mother now but i remember all my pregnant months, and i was interested to read about future mothers's feelings. i had been tired too untill i began to listen to my body, so i relaxed and my rest months felt fine. i can recommend you to eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, nuts, watch good films and listen to the relaxing music for example Piamime ''Music and feelings'. This is the most beautiful piano music i've ever heard, its really helped me. i did it and got a wonderful child :) don't worry, my dear girls, everything will be OK!


lawrence - November 8

I am 14 weeks pregnant today, my boyfried and I are actually moving into a new place and yesterday we did some cleaning and in the evening we had a huge fight with a lot of stress and screaming.Since this morning, I have been having bad lower back ache feeling some cramping, not bad, just uncomfortable. anyone had that??


alex88 - December 13

hi all. I am 9 weeks pregnant and have been having sharp sporadic pain in my right side, slightly above my hip bone and belly b___ton, and if i try sleep on my right side i get pain again but the minute i lie on my back i feel great...My boyfriend keeps telling me its just my body adjusting to all the changes given this is my first pregnancy, but obviously i still freak out cause im not sure when a pain is something for concern and when its just all the little normal aches and doesnt feel like menstrual cramps but more like a st_tch after exercise which is weird cause i try not to do anything too strenuous.


Katiesongs - January 5

I am also experancing the same type of Cramping, its not painful, just making me a bit uncomfortable. But Last week I had some major bleeding occur that was said to be due to having a low placenta that is too close to my i don't have a clue what is going on in there!??


Katiesongs - January 5

Alex the sharp pain your are having is normal! i had the same pains with both of my pregnancies!! you don't have much to worry about! so your Boyfriend is right that is just your bady ajusting to being pregnant. i still get this pain every so often if i move a certian way.



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