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Tiffany23 - January 19

I just found out that i am about 3 weeks pregnant...which i am told is really early to find out , but for the last 3 weeks i have been having cramps... they come n go ... i kept running to the bathroom like every hour to see if i started my period but there is nothing ... no bleeding ..... i am just worried because this is my first pregancy and i just want everything to be ok.


lue - January 25

hi Tiffany, I'm 8 weeks along in my first pregnancy too and I had what felt like mild cramps up until I found out I was pregnant about 2 weeks ago. I recently went for a sonogram and the technician told me that some women experience that due to the added load in the uteris and that it was actually the tendons that support the uteris. SInce then the pain has subsided. Also, my cramps weren't as strong as menstrual cramps I usually experience. I told my doctor about it and she didn't seem concerned but check with yours just incase. I hope everything works out. Good Luck


Tiffany23 - January 25

Yeah the cramps i am getting are mild, but still scary...but i find they r starting to ease up. Thanks for your response:) - Good Luck to u too


ophelia73 - January 25

I am almost 21 weeks, and I still get menstrual type cramps sometimes. Doctor said nothing to worry about if no bleeding & if they are not severe. It is pretty common for women to still experience cramping.


reded - January 26

I'm about 6 weeks, and have been having cramping, almost identical to menstrual cramps pretty much since I should have started my period. I asked an OB friend of mine who says not to worry as long as there is no blood. I'm trying to remind myself of this every time i feel a cramp, but it is hard. My issue is that i have been having the opposite of constipation, and have been having frequent bowel movements, and they often coincide with the cramping. Not diarrhea, but pretty loose (Sorry if tmi). Anyone ever heard of this? Should I be worried?


ejmeskan - January 26

Tiffany, I am 24 weeks and was very crampy in the beginning of my pregancy. This is my first as well so I know how scary it can be. Every little thing makes you concerned when it is your first. There are 2 things that it could be, 1 it could be implantation where the embryo is implanting in the Uteran (sp?) wall, 2 as Lue stated there is a lot of added stress in the uterus and a lot of things shifting and moving in there. Good luck!!


Tiffany23 - January 26

Thanks so much for all the responses... I just wish these little cramps would go away so i could stop worrying... because I am a smok er and I am going to quit ...set the day for tomorrow .... but that is another concern of mine , that i am hurting my baby by smoking but quitting is going to be the hardest thing i will ever do. Thanks again



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