Cramps Where Exactly

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hopeful - December 3

This may sound strange but I've never had period cramps so I'm not sure what they feel like. I'm hoping I'm about 3 weeks pregnant and am feeling a weird pain low on the right side of my abdomen (just above the pubic bone). It comes and goes. Any info on this greatly appreciated!


Kimi - December 8

i am in the same position and batteling with these tests is just confusing the hell out of me. i had 2 really really faint pos. but i also had some neg. i dont know. i hope i am. can anyone help?


Joanne - December 8

I also never experienced period cramps. But early in my pregnancy (before I even knew that I was pregnant) I had painful cramps. I wasn't sure what they were, they came and went. I thought that my body was getting ready for a bad period. Turns out these cramps or pains are due to your uterus expanding for the pregnancy. Not all women experience these cramps in early pregnancy...only us luck ones:) lol. So, it is normal to have weird pains, aches and cramps in the beginning as long as you are not bleeding. Also, to test also came back negative and positive, I was very confused. All I can say is that if there is one positive...than chances are you are pregnant. I turned out to be and I took 7 different test! To be totally sure, you should go to your DR. and take a blood test, they will confirm for sure. If you feel a little "off" then your body is telling you that you have a bun in the oven! lol :) Take care


Positive - December 13

A posit_tve is a positive. It sounds to me like maybe you used a more sensitive test then the second time.


elkay - December 13

Hello everyone! I am about 5 weeks and for the past 3 days I've had a pain/cramp on my right side just above my pelvis, just like "hopeful". I've had cramping for the past 2 weeks, like af is on her way, but the side thing kind of scared me too. This is my first so i didn't know what the heck was going on. Sorry, I don't know why the side thing is happening, but I know that other not painful cramps should be a good sign.


To elkay - December 14

I am also in the same boat as you! I am having cramps and pains.. and as long as there not to the point where you cannot handle them.. and there is no blood present you should be just fine :) If you are still very concerned call your doc, just to make sure that everything is ok! But i am also 5wks and feeling the same thing you are.. and i am just fine :) good luck:)



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