Cyst Question

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BAL - June 7

I know a cyst can cause you to have some pg. symptons, but can it cause you to have a swollen stomach or gain weight. I am continuously growing out of my clothes. I was at a 5-6 about 5 months ago, a 7-8 about 3 months, 9-10 2 months ago. Now I am going into a 11-12 and 13. The doctors say I am not pg. If anybody have had a cyst please let me know if this is a symptom. Plus I been feeling kicking and movement.


Anybody - June 8

Does anybody have a clue? I am trying to distinguish between the two. Does a cyst cause any other pg. symptoms beside sore b___st and nausea. I have read article but it is confusing. I want to ask the doctor but I know I am going to get it just gas answer(about movement)


erica - June 8

Are you using birth control pills.


BAL - June 8

NO I have never use those. I missed my period for three months, it spotted for two months, and stayed on two weeks the next month. Came on again the same month but lasted it regular time. Forgot to mention I did not start bleeding until I had s_x with my bf.


erica - June 8

I had a cyst before getting pregnant and yes it does have alot of the same symptoms. The kicking and movement can be the a pounding sensation that is caused by the cyst. If you are very concerned and think you might be pregnant. Wich I've heard alot of cases that do turn out pregnant. Ask for an Ultrasound.


to erica - June 8

Did it hurt alot and did they do surgery to remove it or did they try something different. I am really scared that I am going to have really bad pain. I am not hurting now at all.


erica - June 8

The best thing to do is go on bcp for 3 months. I will shrink.


BAL - June 8

Thanks erica


BAL - June 13

I found out that I do not have a cyst or tumor from the results of my pelvic CT Scan(they covered up my stomach so it did not go to my abdomen). Now I starting think that I am not crazy. All of the symptoms I have point to pregnancy, but everybody keep telling me they do not know even the doctors.


ERICA - June 14

What do you mean. They covered your stomach up.


BAL - June 16

They covered my stomach with a thick sheet type garment.


brian - June 16

This cyst that you have, how large is it? When they did the transv____al ultrasound, did they see the cyst? Did they measure it? My wife has 2 cysts and she is 12 weeks and 3 days pregnant....when she became pregnant the cysts got smaller by about ½ the original size, we are going to have another ultrasound to determine if they are even smaller now in about 1 week....



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