Diahrea During First Month Of Pregnancy

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tamara - December 14

ive been having diahrea, here and there not all the time is that normal?


Vanessa - January 3

Ive been having nasuea and diahrea


itsapinupthing - January 6

Tamara. I'm 4 weeks and 6 days pregnant and I've been having diahrea for about 3 weeks now. i've read it's normal. Some women get constipation,but I rather have diahrea. If your really worried i would call my doctor. Good luck and congrats on your baby


shellybelly - January 6

i have had the same exactthing!! i have been wondering whats wrong with me if thatwas ) good luck ladies


Lisa L - January 8

I am glad to know I am not the only person having diarrhea. I have had it for 5 days and I thought I was going out of my mind! I have called my doc almost everday. I guess it is not too bad or she whould have wanted to see me. Are you all taking any meds for it? Sometimes I get chills all over and then get that sick feeling like I am going to throw up, but instead it is diarrhea. Are any of you feeling this way, too?


acg0143 - February 9

i am going on 9 weeks and I have had diarrhea off and on since I got pregnant. I just thought it was me.


mels - April 3

I am 8 weeks and I had the same thing to, although not anymore. My doctor told me it was your bodys way of getting rid of all the bad stuff, kinda like a detox!


Tanna - April 5

With my first I had diarrhea before I knew I was pregnant. Bad too, like three days of it.


Pris27cilla - April 6

I am 7 weeks pregnant and currently dealing with the same issue. It's nice to read I'm not the only one. It's really difficult to get in to see, let alone communiate with, a doctor in Las Vegas so, I am happy to research and find answers on the net. I'm not scheduled to see or talk to a doctor for another three weeks so... I will check back to see if any of you have received information from your doctors regarding this issue and if there are any reasons for concern. THANKS!


name - April 21

i am almost 9 weeks with my second pregnancy, and with both of my pregnancies during the first (approximately) 6 or 7 weeks i had diarrhea. in my first pregnancy it changed to constipation (bad). now i'm not really having either, at least at the moment.


lizworkinonbaby - April 21

that answers a question of mine then..can this be a sympton of pregnancy. I don't know if I am or not, but I had my first round of clomid April 1-5, AF supposed to show up on the 27th, and the past couple days I have been nauseated,and diahrea, my blood work said that I dod not o, but I think I o ltr than I was supposed to, so hopefully these are signs.


lizworkinonbaby - May 8

these are signs of pergnancy, becasue on the 27th I found out I am pregnant!! I read somwhere it can be your body ridding of toxins and stuff.


Shi shi - May 11

Thank God!! I thought something was wrong with me. I'm glad to hear that I'm not alone. My stomach feels like I have the flu. Rolling.... and everything. I thought it was some sort of cheese. The bad thing is I don't feel like eatting because of it. I'm scared to eat cheese and drink the milk. It makes me feel sick.


preggersatlast - May 18

I'm nearly 5 weeks now & I'm so glad I've found this site. I've never heard any one of my mum-to-be friends or family say they had diahrea or constipation in their first trimester. I've been suffering from both for 3 weeks and I was starting to worry. Thanks & congratulations to you all, lets hope it wears off soon. xx


tanjasofia - June 8

I feel all of your pain. I'm 7 weeks and have had the (STOMACH FLU ON CRACK) that's what I call it - for about 2 weeks straight. The only glory is when it breaks for about 2 or so hours during the day. Prenatals make me puke. Steer clear of meat & eggs - I found they cause my diarrhea - Ice water between meals...B-Natal B6 supplements when you can stomach them - DO NOT eat anything FRIED, Fatty, or Sweet. Your body has regressed to early evolution and is throwing out anything that is remotely labeled toxin by your system. Nothing bitter, nothing too sweet, nothing animal - YOU'LL win! Oatmeal, bread, white cheese, water, crackers, potatoes, corn - and when you can stomach it - a big salad with maybe organic grilled chicken! I feel for everyone - This is the part women conveniently leave out when they brag in all glory of how beautiful pregnancy is - It's a sacrifice & I guess we are simply animals. It will run its course.


hjkim69 - June 8

The weekend before I found out I was pregnant, I had a really bad case of it. I thought I had food poisoning. I made my DH rush me home (we were out shopping). I really thought I was going to die. Then I was suddenly better. 3 days later I got the BFP. I still had it off and on for a couple of weeks but I seem to be going in the other direction now. Crazy!


tarheelfan71 - June 28

I still have to watch it. Im in my second trimester and I cannot eat any italian food wahtsoever. It gives me diahrrea. I asked my doc and she said that it was probably hormones not agreeing w/ that. And I loooove italian food. Oh well. Guess I'll have to wait till after Oct :)



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