Discomfort In Vagina

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Angelica - November 17

I'm having my first baby so a lot of this is new to me. I started having a slight disconform in my Vagina. It feels like something is getting ready to come out. I only feel this when I'm walking. It is hard to explain but hopefully some of you have felt the same thing. I do not feel any pain or any bleeding... just slight pressure/discomfort.


kj - November 18

How far along are you? I know with my first two pregnancies toward the end I felt pressure in the v____a. I thought for sure the baby was just going to fall out. Sometimes my cervix even ached. My doctor rea__sured me it was just the pressure from the baby moving into position. Talk to your doctor about it. It is probably nothing, it could be the same thing, or it could be something the doctor wants to investigate. Never hesitate to mention any discomfort or questions you have to your doctor, especially if it is your first pregnancy. It is better to be safe than sorry.


Denise - November 27

I am having this same feeling and was wondering if it was normal myself. I am 6 weeks pregnant.


Mariela - November 27

Im having the exact same thing! i am 33 weeks pregnant and feel like the baby is comming out or something and i feel very sore from my waist down.


Angelica - November 30

So I went to the doctor and they did an Ultra Sound and also a urine test. I have not received the results but the doctor said that it may be related to a bladder infection. However, I have to wait for the results of the tests. They also told me that they would look into the Ultra Sound for any abnormalities. I guess it is better to be checked by your doctor. Have them do an Ultra Sound and also blood and urine tests.


Barbara - March 28

I am 37 weeks and I have had the same soreness, I am seeing the doc tom so I will have to ask what might be causing it but it helps to know i'm not alone. This is all new to me also!


Nicole - April 4

I'm having very sharp pains in my cervix mostly when I'm standing. I swear my water is going to break. This is my second baby and had the same thing with my first but it was closer to delivery. I'm now 32 weeks. I'm just worried I'm not going to make it much longer. Anyone else having the same thing?


angel - April 5

im 34 weeks and feeling the same way. Sharp pains on my cervix and ALOT of pressure downstairs. pretty much EVEYRTHING below my waste hurts. I hope i last to atleast 38 weeks


camgray02 - April 14

I am 27wks and there's pain down there too, around the v____a / pubic area.. i'ts most painful when i'm walking.. I'm due for my next doc visit in 3 weeks, so i don't have the chance to ask just yet.. Pls let me know what ur docs say.. :)


new mommy 2011 - July 17

I am 33 weeks and 6 days pregnant. I had gone into preterm labor at 32 weeks and a had fFN test done that came back positive. They put me on bed rest until further notice. Last Wednesday i had and appointment with the doctor and he check to see if i had dilated any more. Everything was the same and there was nothing wrong or new to report. The day after all around my v____a started to feel very tender and sore almost like it was bruised. I though at first it was because he checked me and it was just a little tender. Sitting in a warm bath helped until i would get out. The next day the pain was even more intense. I could not sit, walk, stand or roll over in bed without major discomfort. It felt like a stinging pain like something was in the way. It however didn't hurt in any way when i would use the bathroom or touch it (no cuts or sores) I tried to look around on the net to see if i could figure out what it was but the only thing i could find was to ma__sage that area to ease the pain. So i got in the bath and a tempted to feel around to find where it was most sore. I hit a spot just at the bottom edge of the opening on the left side that felt very tender, engorged and moveable. I started to slightly put pressure on it and it felt like i was moving something out of the way inside. I continued to move and ma__sage at the same time until i could no longer feel it. After that i have not had that same pain again. It was like having an ingrown toenail that you dug out and the pain is just gone. I am not sure what it was or if any one else could maybe give me some inside on it. This is my first baby and i tend to over worry things that turn out to be nothing but i though i would check. I will also be asking my doctor about it next week.


jodes87 - January 14

I am 4 weeks pregnant and I am getting the same feeling is this normal in early stages of pregnancy too? this is my first


Wellsy76 - January 17

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction google it 



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