Do Not Answer The Quot 10 Amp Preggo Quot Quot 12 Amp Preggo Quot

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WOT - May 12

These posts have been going on too long. Normally postings such as these are just a breeding ground for hurtful comments.


im wiv you girllll! - May 13

i hate that teens make up these stories,and people still post replies feeling sorry for them-thats what they want!


t - May 16

I agree, I often look at those posts, and sometimes I wonder which of the other posts are true. It's sad, because I get a lot of my preg information from this site, and I'm sure it helps a lot of other women too. I have a couple of books, but here I get more information. I'm not going to let that kind of thing put me off coming here though, every time I click on a question, and it turns out to be one of those, I don't bother reading very far down the page. What I do really like about this site, is that most people seem to be quite genuine and helpful. keep up the good work.


I agree - May 19

the sad thing is that this post was well below the 2 you mentioned, meaning that people are still replying to them. MSN chat is no longer available in my country because of abuse of the service, with no way of policing the chat rooms. I hope this site wont suffer the same fate because of these idiots, that would be a shame.


I agree too - May 19

I agree with the others!


Vanessa - June 7

Why don't you try not to react and answer them then. For all you know, these people might be genuine and need advice, after all this is what this website is for


S. - June 11

I have been on this site for a few months, and personally, I dont believe these are real girls who are pregnant. I am an administrator of a huge website, and I can smell a "troll" a mile away. I think these are people looking to get attention and to rile up the women on here, I dont believe theyre `10, 12, pregnant, or even girls. I am glad you psoted this, I was thinking of posting this myself, but didnt know if it was my place to do so.


Jen - June 22

As well, most younger people seeking real info won't post their age right away. I know I don't and I'm only 19!


Jessica F. - June 22

I agree. the ones that are saying that really are just waisting their time. they should be outside riding their bikes and playing video games. I truly do feel bad for those that are that age and pregnant but the people they should be talking to are their parents and doctors. When ppl respond to these kids posts they just encourage them to make more.



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