Do Women Have To Cum When Men Do

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diamond - January 22

i was told that if women want to get pregnant that both partners have to c_m at the same time. is that a fact?


Jbear - January 23

No...the woman does not have to have an orgasm at all in order to get pregnant.


Amber - January 23

And neither does the man..... i got pregnant from just having s_x for 10 min! No orgasms!


tjane - January 26

Well Let me tell you no, neither one has to orgasm but also let me say that when I told my first childs father who was 25 at the time that I was pregnant he said "How can you be pregnant if you never had an orgasm when I did while we were having s_x" I dont know how old you are but for someone who was almost 25 and already had a kid to ask me that I was laughing at him.... Not that theres anything wrong with your question because thats what this forum is for, but you are not the only one who didnt know that, but hes an idiot (Not that you are but I thought that was weird he didnt know that)


Nickel - January 26

My boyfriend is 35 years old and told me that I could not get pregnant unless both of us "came" at the same time! I told him he must have slept during s_x education cla__ses in school because that is not what I learned and furthermore he is too old to tell me something like that!


hah - January 26

you think that's bad? I've known men who think that a woman pees out her v____a. they just don't get the concept of having two holes when they only have one.


Mandi_Lin - January 26

Carol23 that was a rude thing to say! My sister use to tell me the same thing, but truth be told no the woman does not have to get off, some use to think that for a woman to collect the sperm her uterine walls would have to contract, however sperm find there way in there anyways. As for the man getting off to get pregnant Pre-c_m can do the trick. It only takes one sperm.


Mandi_Lin - January 26

Oh and by the way, have you ever tried getting off at the exact same time as your mate....? IF that were the case there would be a lot less people having children these days.


tjane - January 27

to nickel and hah, that is hilarious, i am giggling out loud at my desk at work, and to mandi linn, you are right, there is one guy that it happened at the exact same time with all the time with but no one else ever (im single now but i am pregnant by him, which is really ironic for this thread, =-)......


bvue - January 30

If a woman has to have an orgasm to get pregnant, I wouldn't have my 4 children. I just started enjoying s_x now that my children are older and dh and I have more time for each other.


tibby - January 30

for people that have problems getting pregnant they say it helps to c_m at the same time or after your mate. it helps the sperm get there because when you have a orgasm your uterus contracts sucking up sperm. its not something thats has to happen to get pregnant but it could help.


Emsmom512 - February 2

mandi-Lin who is Carol23, I don't see her post?


Melissa30 - February 2

Hey Emsmom512, Did you not realize that Mandi_Lin's post was over 1 year old. Don't expect a response.


Emsmom512 - February 2

Oh heavens I did not. thanks melissa30! LOL



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