Does It Hurt When You Sneeze

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Renee - October 19

Hi gals, I am 12w3d and almost every time I sneeze it feels like my lower abdominal muscles are being yanked. Anyone else feel this sharp pulling when they sneeze and know why it feels so sharp?


Jenn - October 19

oh yes I have it yesterday I sneezed I am 15 wks and right after the baby jumped inside i felt bad i scared him but its normal its all your musels streaching dont worry


Thai - October 20

I am 14 weeks now, and towards the end of my first trimester, it did and still does hurt my low abdominal muscles when I sneeze. I'm glad to know that it's not uncommon. Thanks.


Lindsay - October 24

I am 33 weeks and i think it hurt from day one when i sneezed. it feels like my stomach is ready to split when i sneeze.


JK - October 25

I get it too. I think they are your round ligaments that hold your uterus. Ive read something on this before...cant remember exactly tho!!


lynn - November 1

I get this too and have done since a few weeks into pregancy. I find it helps if you bed forward from the waist and bend your knees before you sneeze. Not sure why this helps, but it stops the pain.


Sarah - November 6

OMG I really thought I was the only one. It only hurts when Im sitting down and I is it normal>????OUCH


sarahnoelle6824 - December 3

oh yeah i just had that happen to me today am am 12 weeks and 3 days, even when i cough i get that sharp pain, but i think its pretty normal!! Good Luck!!


Gina32 - December 3

Yes, absolutely! I,m 11 weeks along and anytime I sneeze it feels like something ruptured.. It seems to help if I feel the sneeze coming on in advance and am able to tighten my abs or hold the area firmly with both hands. I'm told this is completely normal though!


VintageButterfly - April 17

Everytime I sneeze, I urinate a little bit and yes the baby jumps! LOL


junebaby - April 19

I had that problem too and it felt like i would pull a muscle if i sneezed!! either that or i would pee-neither one is much fun


aayyeennaa - April 30

just be careful on sneezing overpower it hurts :D


Teddyfinch - May 2

i know this post is old, but i really was scared there was something wrong with me because when i sneeze i feel like i've just done a hundred situps lol. the fetal position really does help. but lately it's like i can't just sneeze once anymore. i have to sneeze like 4 times in a row. oww!


Charlibabe - May 3

I absolutly had this problem it sometimes hurts still...and I am 31 weeks now. Its totally normal and its because of your mussels stretching for the totally sucks


Mrs Curlott - May 13

I am 22weeks and I still have get a pain when I sneeze!!!



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