Does Scratching Your Belly Give You Stretch Marks

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mommy323 - February 28

this is my first pregnancy so i'm baking most of my information on what i have heard from other women who have gone through the same thing.. i'm 15 weeks pregnant and i have been experiencing itchines all over my stomach and chest area, but i've been hearing alot lately that you are not supposed to scratch because it can cause some sort of marks all over your skin. although i dont' really like to believe in myths i am worried if i do scratch i will end up regreting it ..


savy - March 1

YES!!! Don't scratch because it does cause stretch marks. Your skin is already in the process of stretching, so scratching will make it worse. From my experience I haven't been scratching (I'm 36 weeks), except for lightly over my clothes, but you should defintely use lotion on your body and ma__sage the itch and don't scratch it. A woman that I work with scratched her belly with a brush and she got A LOT of stretch marks.


mommy323 - March 1

omg thanks for the advise i was hoping that wasn't true a part of me didnt' want to scratch because i thought there might be a chance they were right ... thanks


snugglybugglys - March 2

No it does not....I scratched and scratched and I did not get a single stretch mark. It's jut a coincidence. If you get them, you are going to get them. Nothing is going to make a difference. Just another lame pregnancy myth.


sarahsteele - March 7

scratching wont give you stretch marks its in your genes, if your mom got them you are more than likely to get them too..i know my mom did and i already do at 26.4 weeks


bvue - March 8

I believe scratching has some contribution to creating stretch marks. Use palmer cocoa cream lotion to minimize it. I used it and it helps.


DownbutnotOUT - March 8

Sounds like if you have chickenpox dont scratch or you will have scars well dang it I scratched so hard all the time and I had like 2 scars which have long since gone. I scratched something horrid with my 3rd pregnancy and not 1 new stretch mark, I never scratched with my first and had alot of stretch marks. Cocoa b___ter is so awesome though with lightening the stretch marks so there almost unseen.


April4 - March 11

Scratching can not give you stretch marks. They are called stretch marks for a reason.... caused from your skin stretching and then later going back down. Depending on your skin and how big you get would cause the marks but not the scratching.... so scratch away hunny! While your pregnant, everyday rub vitamin E oil on your chest and stomach. Its suppose to help reduce the mark. Maybe not totally, but it should help. It feels greasy and nasty but it has helped me. I'm on my 4th pregnacy and have a very slight mark on my back. I use it before bed since it feels yucky though :) so I can sleep through it.


Tammy276 - March 13

No, scratching will not give you stretch marks....the things some people will tell you!! Just keep lotion handy to help ease the itchyness. The fact of the matter is stretch marks are genetic and if you are going to get them, you are going to get them, and if not, then not.......I've scratched my belly silly through both of my pregnancies and not one single stretch mark.


orchidmom - March 13

No, it won't give you the scratch mark. If you want to feel more comfortable, try to apply some cream or lotion on the belly..


Stephanie B - March 17

some women get them and some dont. cocoa b___ter will REALLY help!! it's greasy but definitly worth not having a bunch of ugly stretch marks. if you're itching it's b/c your belly is stretching and it's probably dry. so keep it lathered up and you shouldn't get them.


sumgirl01 - June 5

ok.... like many have said already, stretch marks are purely and strictly genetic, if you get them you get them and there is nothing you can do to prevent it, no amount of lotion or cocao b___ter is going to prevent them, im not saying dont bother with the lotion because it may help the itching and keep your skin smooth but thats about it, the cocao b___ter and what not would be most effective after pregnany when your skin is no longer stretching, it will help reduce the appearance of stretch marks but it deffinately will not prevent them or make them go away completely


DeeD - July 1

It does not. You can scratch all you want! If youare going to get will get them...if not, then you won't. Go ahead and scratch to your hearts content!


EunaIsabel - May 10

I'm 10 weeks postpartum and have been using dermalmd stretch mark serum for about 3 weeks. I didn't have too many stretch marks, however I already see some of the darker marks getting lighter.



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