Dull Stabbing Cramping Pains

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tonilee7 - May 21

I have just found out that I am 4 weeks and 2 days pregnant but 2 days ago I notices I started to get dull pains sort of a stabbing but cramping pain, some people have said they reckon this can be normal, it gets worse after I have been sitting down for a while and then stand up but after I have been walking around for a while it isnt as bad....................can anyone put my mind to rest and confirm that this is normal???


Linda99 - May 24

tonilee, it's probably just your uterus stretching. I'm 16 weeks and I've had those pains since the beginning. Sometimes it's horrible if I stand up to fast, so bad that I bend over and yell! Just move slowly and when you do have a cramp lie down on your left sie for a little while. But don't worry - it's totally normal!


pj - June 2

Hi guys, I am slightly more than five weeks pregnant...and I have similar problems...doc says if it a cramp, especially throbbing pain, in the area where it pains when you have periods, that is the uterus stretching....but, I have stomach pain and bloating in.....well my stomach...I am terribly scared sometimes, but am waiting for my next u/s in two weeks


tracem19 - June 3

i'm 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant, i've had that too, sometimes feels like a st_tch, and ive also been getting really bad backache! how about u?


michellem - June 5

hi sorry but it may not get any better am 32 wks pregnant and have suffered this all the way through sometimes st_tch type other times it's like having a knitting needle sc___ped inside have had to have loads of scans anyway as i'm on medication and baby looks fine and healthy, infact nice and big, lately my back has been getiing worse, this is baby no4 for me though so things are bound to be a bit more intense, it's all worth it in the end!!


soeurette - June 6

yeah-it's normal i get the same pain. I am 11wks and my doc told me as long as their is no bleeding, then it;s ok.



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