Early Pregnancy Right Side Quot Pressure Quot

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waitingtoland - July 7

I am 4.5 weeks pregnant and I am experiencing mild cramps... except not real cramps.. more like a pressure... or even, heck I am just AWARE of some sort of feeling.... pulling a little... pressure ... squeezing? It does NOT hurt, it is just THERE... mainly in my right side. It has jabbed still not PAINFUL 2 times when i stood up. Its most noticable around my hip and dows wrap into my lower back spanning accross most of my lower back and a little down the thigh. Does anyone else hurt around their hip, or in their lower back at such an early stage? I cant even say it hurts... but its a noticable ache. I have read in bits and peices about disomfort on one side and not the other that ISNT eptopic but I was just wondering if anyone experianced this and got an answer!! thanks


rns91294 - July 7

I am so glad you posted this! I am going on 6 weeks, but when I was 4.5 wks I had the same exact feeling, and you desribed it better than I could of...lol. I spoke to a friend of mine who just had a baby. She said by 8 weeks, she needed new pants because her hips have spread. This "feeling" I had, started out as that pinching you described, and then turned in to an ache around my left hip. I called it "pressure" as well. I am now half wondering, since it has stopped affecting me (and my jeans are now tighter aginst my hips) if it wasn't my hip adjusting for what is about to happen to my body. I know this is not an answer, as this is my first pregnancy, and all this is completely new to me.


waitingtoland - July 8

Its pretty strange, because while it is very annoing and while its happening i have this horrible feelings of "This cant be riiiiight" but then when it stops (because it isnt constant) I Start thinking "ok.... discomfort where ARE You???? Then i worry its not right to NOT have it because if you think about whats happening its pretty intense stuff so your body SHOULD have some funny feelings and pain and the like. Anyways, I am sure there is so much that is normal but as woman it is our duty to over a___lize everything (which can be hurtful or harmful)


rns91294 - July 8

well, I started spotting yesterday, getting some cramps and pressure today and my spotting is heavier. Just called the doc. Waiting for a call back, as the office is closed for the weekend......



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