Embar Ass Ing But Had To Ask Lol

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mandee25 - July 15

I am currently 22 weeks pregnant. Ever since I got pregnant I have had seriously bad pains right before I had to do number two. I literally have to hold onto something and squeeze to get through the pain. They are like cramps and I also have pains in my butt at the same time. Is this irritable bowel syndrome or just a discomfort from having my digestive system slowed down from pregnancy? Has anyone else had this?


KLT - July 17

Are you constipated? Sorry..had to ask. I don't have the pains you are talking about, but the very tip of my tailbone pops..like your knuckles do...often when i go to #2...i figure its from all the weight and pressure on my spine.


mandee25 - July 18

I must be constipated but man it hurts!!!


DorothyL - July 19

I get intense pains in my l0wer right when i have t0 g0 t0 the washr00m. it hurts s0 badly... )nce it c0mes 0ut its 0k but while its in there its killing my side....im 23 weeks pregnant as 0f t0m0rr0w


KLT - July 19

If it is constipation, then you should try eating more fiber and drink lots of water...maybe that'll help soften things? Try prunes! haha. I've gone thru bouts of poo poo pain too. hahaa. But i've been eating more fiber which does help. DorothyL, are you talking about your lower rightside of your stomache? I wonder what that is? Maybe gas bubbles?


mandee25 - July 20

I eat Raisin Bran practically every morning with strawberries and or blueberries and lots of fresh fruit but that must not be enough. Do dairy products make this problem worse? Milk, icecream, cheese,yogurt?


KLT - July 20

I've heard that dairy can give you gas....My husband is proof actually. He loooves milk and I pay for it. hahah. Maybe you can cut down the dairy as a trial. Also, maybe cut back on the amount of sugars you are taking in. I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but on another note, too much sugars in your diet aren't good. My doctors have told me not to drink any fruit juices whatsoever, to eat maybe one fruit a day if I'd like and no icecream..or at least limited. I drink Silk Soymilk, which has half the carbs/sugars that regular milk has. Maybe you can also switch what you are eating...like instead of raisin brand..try something different? Sometimes that shocks the system and makes you go. You eat vegetables? Salads? Stuff like that?


everthiki - July 20

I have had these pains too through most if not all of pg. The pains went away for a bit and now are back. Taking a stool softener helped me some. It makes the pain more bearable and also eating at certain times of the day makes it more predictable when they will come. Goodluck!


Ashleyg - July 20

mandee25---i have the same thing...it is so strange! i feel the pain right in my b___thole! i cant believe i am telling anyone this. i am not constipated but when i get the urge, i REALLY have to go, right away!


Vashti - July 22

Make sure you are well hydrated. Not only does this a__sist with constipation, but can aid in pain relief of both the abdominal type (if your amniotic fluid isn't being replenished quickly enough) and of that a__sociated with the bowels. It's sometimes hard to drink enough, especially if your sick of water. Try adding some lemon, lime, or orange slices, or using Tang or Emergen-C with your water.


mandee25 - July 23

KLT yes I do eat veggies. Mostly ceasar salad, baked or boiled potatoes, corn, carrotts, tomatoes and other veggies but maybe I am not getting enough. I do drink a ton of water especially at work because where I work it's very hot and I am constantly thirsty. Maybe I will try a different cereal to shock my system. Thank you for the suggestions.


littlemama1218 - July 24

it actually could be from both. but i've had that problem before i was pregnant. it might just mean that you waited too long to go?


KLT - July 25

mandee25 - its been a while since your initial post...are you feeling any better?


mandee25 - July 28

Yes KLT I haven't had this problem for over a week so I am happy. Thanks for the concern!


KLT - July 29

haha...I'm glad!


silencingtearsofhope - August 6

try Fiber One cereal. I had those horrible pains too to the point where i was almost in tears and started eating a cup of that a day. looks like rabbit pellets and i hate it but a cup has over 100% of daily fiber and it really helped......


mandee25 - August 8

Is that like All Bran? Fiber One sounds kinda like that.



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