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flower.momma - June 3

Okay, this is embarassing, but what the h__l. I am 14 weeks along w/ baby #2 and lately my va___a has been hurting like h__l. It usually at the end of the day, and it is a burning, aching feeling in the muscles around the outer lips. It feels like a lot of pressure pushing down. I can't really describe it that well, but has anyone else felt this? It is driving me crazy and nothing helps.


HannahBaby - June 6

girl i have the same thing, espically after s_x, i didnt have it with hannah until the end but i guess cause its our second its going to happen earlier


flower.momma - June 6

Aaagh, it is awful. It feels like the baby is pushing down and is going to fall out or something. Thanks for answering. I guess everyone else was too freaked out by the question. (:


sarah_h - June 7

i had that last night too hun really difficult to sit down i have no idea why it happened either hoping it'll be one off though


notnow - June 8

I had that happen with my third late in the pregnancy and it was miserable. I couldn't walk sometimes. I just sat in a hot bath most of the time.


flower.momma - June 8

Yay, it is getting better. I found out that if I rest during the day, I don't get it in the evening. It seems like it is worse if I'm on my feet a lot, must have something to do with gravity. So now I feel like a lazy bum, but whatever. Als I've noticed that I'm carrying super low, does this have anything to do w/ it?


anon - June 8

Does anyone feel that burning aching feeling when they sneeze?


Big mumma - June 11

I get the same pain but mine is all the time and not just at night. Dont laugh when I say this but I have found that getting on the ground on all fours and swaying my bum slowly from side to side for about 10 or so mins relieves the pain and then sit on the couch with a hot water bottle between your legs, the heat seems to move your baby off the nerve that it is sitting on and making it hurt. Seems to me like if I sit with my legs closed the pain is worse but if i sit with them open or cross legged like a little school kid it gets better.


Big mumma - June 11

Oh the joys of pregnancy huh.


flower.momma - June 12

I know, this one no one ever tells you about. I'm just glad it is sort of normal.


preggies3 - June 20

I am pregnant with my third and have had tht problem with my second and now with this one. It's because after the first baby your uterus is lower and the weight of the baby is weighing down on your v____a. Yes ladies another reason to be upset at our husbands for impregnating us....hahaha jk!



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