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Jilliane - January 27

When i delivered my little girl, i had to have an episomity. After 6 weeks when my husband and i started to have s_x again i was in alot of pain from the episomity. Does anyone know if this pain goes away? Is there something i can do to help decrease the pain? Any tips or inside info would be greatly appricated, thank you!


Kiersten - January 31

Hi Jilliane! Ouch, I feel your pain. I (thankfully) didn't have to have that, but 8 weeks later it still hurts to have s_x. Have you gone back to your doc for your 6 week checkup? If you're "healed" and there are no other complications you might be told what I was. Keep doing Kegals and give it time. C___ppy advice when you're in the mood but in pain! :-) GL and I'd be interested in others' tips too!


VintageButterfly - April 17

Yes I had an episiotomy with my son, and YES it will hurt until you heal. Thats just the way it goes..I waited 3 months until it didnt hurt anymore... oh and good luck years later with that episiotomy...it will still bleed every now and then with vigourous s_x, sorry for the TMI.


babyclark - May 6

Hi Jilliane, Kiersten, and VintageB___terfly! I just had my first baby January 29th of 2008. I had an episotomy also. My husband and I stopped having s_x the month before Reagan was born....and she just turned 3 months old and we still can't have s_x! We have tried 3 times this past month. 1st, it's too dry...2nd, when we are "trying" it's beginning, and i feel like i'm being ripped apart. It's not tightness, it's just when we have s_x. I don't know how much longer HE can take it! yeah, TMI, but we must be frank here...


babyclark - May 6

also i just remembered...while most women, so i've heard, have more intense orgasms during s_x while they are pregnant...i had none. not one...what's the deal with that? it was multiple before pregnancy...then none during...weird


llukenjess - May 7

babyclark...the same thing happened to my friend she is abot ready to pop anyday now and she used to be fine having s_x, and she said now it's harder and harder for her to have an orgasim...



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