Excessive Wind

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mels - April 3

Hi, I am 8 weeks on and I have really excessive wind. It doesnt matter what I eat, everything gives me a sore stomach and wind. Does anyone else have this problem? Its really gross!


Glenna - April 4

Hi mels, i am 7wks pregnant, i think i have the same problem, with some other abdominal symptom as well, like bloating, feeling-full and spasms most prominent on my left side. I find relief when i pa__s gas, but few hours later i would feel the same. The pain starts from middle of my upper abdomen down to the left side. This is my 4th pregnancy but first to this kind of discomfort. I hope to find answer too in this web, sorry if i couldnt be of help to you. I've been feeling this way for 2wks, and when it's worst it makes me throw up.


dee23 - April 5

LOL. my mum told me before i fell pregnant that her number one symptom was farting! and i used to laugh at her so much for it.........well, boy do i have pay back for laughing cause i cant stop farting sometimes! when i was around 7 to 12 weeks i was getting wind with pain yes, because of hormones of course, but now, im 25 weeks and ive been farting so much! its soo funny. i had an app with a celebrant for our wedding and that was my worst night for farting ever...they were loud, smelly, and coming every minute! i had so much trouble holding them in.....ahh the joys.


yourtrish - April 21

Welcome to pregnancy! This is only the beginning...let me tell you. I'm at 20 weeks and have been belching like a football player for weeks on end. I swear, I should enter a compet_tion...at least something positive would come of this disgusting side effect. I'm sure it has to do with hormones and your digestive track (which slows down duing pregnancy).


mandee25 - April 23

I have been having a lot of gas, bloating, farting and burping.....the works! lol I hope this doesn't last the whole nine months!


LollyM - April 24

I'm 25 weeks now and I have the wind problem also =) I get really bad heartburn also and when I burp It really helps! lol I think that Yourtrish and I should enter the same compet_tion =P . I get pain in my stomach sometimes also that is relieved by pa__sing gas or just sitting on the toilet for a LONG time. Welcome to the less attractive side of pregnany =)



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