Extreme Pelvic Pressure

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preg4 - February 25

I am on my fourth pregnancy and I just turned 27 weeks. I have been having extreme pelvic pressure since about 14 or 15 weeks. It is just getting worse and I have sometimes severe stomach cramps. This never happened in my previous pregnancies. At least not until I was in labor! And that is what it feels like, and just recently I have started having braxton hicks but I cant actually feel the contractions, just my stomach tightening up. In the beginning of my pregnancy I believed that it might be twins but sono determined otherwise but now it still feels like there is 2 babies constantly fighting for room in there. I had a sono at 11 weeks and they didnt see but one though. I can also put my hand on top of my pubic hair literally and feel him kick my hand. That is extremely low. Any advice?


preg4 - February 25

oh yeah, i am also concerned that he might try to come early.


Mommy23 - February 28

I am also 27 weeks and this is my third child (second within the year). I have also been feeling the same pelvic pressure and I have beeen having really bad BH. I feel the same way I did when I was about 36-37 weeks pregnant. My baby also kicks me down low and she feels like she is about to fall out. I also have a fear of her coming early. I work in a children's hospital and know that premies are very sick children. I hope this doesn't happen to me but since I just gave birth last April and I know the chance of me having her early is good. If I keep feeling this way through out the weekend I am gonna call my doctor on Monday. Better safe than sorry. Im glad someone else feels the same way and Im just not going crazy.


Cain010507 - April 10

I am now 29 weeks pregnant and was in your same situation, except I was having the full b__wn contractions and the really harsh piercing pains down below, it felt like he was ready to come! So I went to labor and delivery and they put me on the monitors and said that I was indeed having contractions, so they checked to see if I was dialated at all, which I wasnt, they also said the baby wasnt low, it was probably just him kicking! They put me on IV for about an hour and the contractions didnt stop, I still have the full b__wn contractions till this day, they said there isnt much they could do about it considering I wasnt dialated and they couldnt DIAGNOSE it as being in labor! I had a c-section with my first which was 2 weeks late and the dr. told me chances of me having this one normal was like 1%. They told me with my first pregnancy that my cervix was inactive, and the contractions could last for the rest of my pregnancy, and all they could offer me were sleeping pills, which I refused!



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