Farting Without Control

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karen W. - February 25

Ever since I got pregnant I have been farting without cotrol. Is this normal?


pinkbo0tlace - February 25

yes, very normal. Enjoy your new talent :) hehe.


jennysi - March 10

oh my god!! i thought i was alone!! i have been giving my husband a run for his money in the 'fart wars' i think i may be winning!! it really seems like anything goes in pregnancy! thanks fellow trumpers!


MOmOeLlIs - March 14

how soon did it start??(how many weeks?)


rebolson - April 4

Oh my goodness! Too funny! Yeah, join the club...you're not alone. I was walking up the stairs at work with a group of people and stumbled. When I bent over from the stumble....um.....yeah. LOUD. And very unexpected. My coworker said, "What was THAT?!?" I wanted to die. hee hee


xoxticiaxox - April 5

Oh I hate this, I have this too, and when I sleep I know I do it alot, I absolutly hate sleeping with my bf now because of it, and when Im around him I hold everything in then OWCHHH later on hahahaha!


Lori6883 - April 5

Same here, I hold everything in w/ my boyfriend. He doesn't lol but I do. So at night when he's snoring, that's when I get my relief lol


anna_the_cobb - April 12

when i sit down to pee it's embarra__sing lol.


juiceyjo - April 13

My husband thought it was hilarious and pretty cool that I couldn't help farting when I first got pregnant. Now he smiles and reminices about how I used to be a lady. He says somehow a woman's fart smells sooooo bad compared to a guy's. He says you expect that stench from a guy, he and the guys at work try and catch eachother in enclosed spaces like elevators to gag eachother. It hurts to keep them in though like never before, I suppose there's no extra room for gas. There was also one time I went into the bathroom to hide how bad my gas was from him and of course it was so loud and long when I sat down on the toilet that he muted the tv in the next room and just listened and yelled, " Hey honey, is there a grizzly bear in there with you? You're scaring the dog!" :) I haven't lived that one down yet.


cakegirl - April 14

LOL! I've had gas since about 4 or 5 weeks.


sonia989 - April 14

I was so afraid this would happen to me in cla__s. I would have just died! I am still trying to be a 'lady' around my boyfriend. Otherwise, I know all my friends will hear about it. They've already heard all about my snoring. He thinks it's hilarious. Ha ha, very funny.


jessicaspatherapist - April 16

oh yeah, the pregnant farts.....i was ma__saging a client a couple of weeks ago (i'm 25.5 weeks) and when i bent down to ma__sage her feet i let one rip by accident.....i just kept making noises with the table after that and she said it was the best ma__sage she ever had....lol....i don't think she heard the fart because she may have been asleep (at least i hope!)....she left me a $30 tip so i guess it didn't bother her much....


name - April 22

oh man i got a laugh outta this!!! haha. i have to say, i'm like anna_the_cobb, when i sit on the toilet, if i have company over, i have to slowly let my pee out and try to control it so a loud fart doesnt slip out as well!


b__terflykisses - April 24

i completely understand you guys!! hahaha i actually laughed a few times reading your guys stories lol


kelsey - April 24

LOL I read this headline and just had to laugh. Sometimes it just slips on out!!


JimmyScornerston - April 24

Farts from my bum bum! When my husband is home I have to put bread or cake in my bum, so it doesnt make a loud BRAAAAP!


Soon2B3 - May 9

I am 6 months and I fart A LOT! It smells so bad that even I have to leave the room. My husband use to play games where he would fart and then once I caught whiff of it and started gagging, he'd laugh and laugh. Now, I have the upper hand. He doesn't mess with me now. Mine are DEADLY! Especially when I eat 3-4 prunes to help with my constipation.



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