Feeling So Sick Any Suggestions

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amylei7 - June 4

Hi everyone. I am 6 weeks pregnant and just started the throwing up. I also just started a brand new job (been there 2 weeks) and I'm terrified of my puking spells. I have been feeling nauseous for about a week, but just started vomiting yesterday, which was saturday. Well it's Sunday and I go back to work tomorrow. Does anyone have any good suggestions for alleiviating this all day sickness?


Roary - June 4

I had horrible morning sickness for the first 5 and a half months of my pregnancy, and the only thing I can recall ever helping was eating tiny bits all the time, staying hydrated, eating first thing in the morning, never taking my prenatal vitamin on an empty stomach, (and initially never taking it at night, then never taking it in the morning). I also avoided coffee like the plague. I wish I had something more useful to tell you. Maybe other women will have some better suggestions. Eventually the morning sickness did abate--in my case.


frankschick2001 - June 5

Although it doesn't alleviate the groos feeling you have, eating will keep you from throwing up. As soon as my stomach is empty for too long that is when I start retching and gagging and dry heaving. I started morning sickness at exactly 6 weeks. I am now 11 weeks, and unfortunately still feel pretty awful. I can't wait to get back to feeling like my normal self again. You may also begin to notice certain smells that kick off your nausea. For me I cannot take the smells of disinfectants, cleaners, bleach, etc. The smell of coffee became unappealling although doesn't make me ill. Good luck, hopefully it won't last long for you.


JESS1980 - June 5

I had horrible morning sickness too. I don't have any suggestions for making it stop (eventually it will go away on it's own), but one thing that at least helped me feel better was sucking on hard candy. Seems like that really eased the nausea a little.


yourtrish - June 16

If all else fails, ask your doctor for a prescription of Dyclectin. It saved my life.


mommy2sean - October 14

Hello Amylei7, I am having the same problem minus the job part. I have been feeling nausiated for about 3 weeks and today it just kicked into dry heaving and puking up anything I try to eat. It really shocked me because I barely had any morning sickness when I was pregnant with my son. Anyways, I have found that a few sips of sprite, and staying upright (no laying down or leaning) helps. My sister swears that saltine crackers helped her, so maybe you could try them as well.


whynotme - October 16

I totally understand how you feel about the whole work thing. Fortunately I have a job where everyone is very understanding and caring. I also have been here 7 years so that helps. Anyway, I haven't thrown up yet but I have been sick to my stomach for the last 4 weeks. I am almost 9 weeks and feel like maybe the throwing up might start soon. I do feel that sitting in an upright position helps and standing helps to. Unfortunately I haven't found the miracle food yet to help my naseau. I guess my only advice to you will be that it does get better (hopefully, atleast that's what everyone is telling me). Good luck!


amandasue - October 16

Been there :) I had morning sickness from about 6-14 weeks. I was in the ER once for IV fluids from dehydration. My doc put me on two meds also, zofran and reglam. Found them to help out, but not totally take away the puking. I also work fulltime, M-F, so there was no option to just stay home and freely puke there. I was HUGE on ginger ale, lemon drops (but any kind of hard candy you can tolerate to suck on works), crackers or any sorts, and water. I had to have these with me every morning to start out the day, or I'd just be totally miserable. Definately keeping "something" in the stomach at all times was necessary for me too. I somehow got throught it, but not sure how...lol. Everyone at work just knew that if I wasn't in the lab (I'm a lab tech), I must be in the bathroom throwing up...lol. My best advice is to try every suggestion people offer to you, and find whatever works for you!!! I tried LOTS of different things, till I learned what made my body calm down.



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