Feels Like The Flu

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Alison - October 4

Im not sure why but for like the last 5 weeks....ive had a stuffy nose and now my throat is hurting. im only 10 weeks pregnant and everyone says this isnt a normal pregnancy symptom. should i worry or is this probably just becase of me being pregnant?


k - October 22

Maybe you are actually getting sick... sounds like a cold to me and not because you are pregnant but it is weird that you've had it for 5 weeks. Did you go to a Dr.? Not sure where you live but where I am the weather has been changing and I ALWAYS get sick when that happens.... I was told I can not take anything except regular Sudafed or Actifed ~ which does nothing for me ~ or regular Tylenol... no Tylenol Cold and Flu ~ which works wonders I might add! Hope you feel better!


E - October 22

Our immune systems are compromised during pregnancy so you may notice that you get more colds, flu, or sinus infections.


Jodie - October 23

Is a sore throat and stuffed up nose a symptom? I heard it is...


christie - October 24

Allison, I've been feeling that way for the past month. Stuffy nose, sore throught in the morning and dizziness... I havn't actually gotten sick and I've read that these symptoms are fairly common


E - October 24

Alison, It is normal. I have been stuffed up and due to the excess drainage from this stuffiness, I have a sore throat off and on. Started this btw weeks 8 and 10. Do not worry. A stuffy nose causes drainage & drainage causes a sore throat. You probably do not feel stuff going down the back of your throat but it probably is.


Jodie - October 24

So is that a normal sign of pregnacy or not,thanks!!


Tessa - October 24

You and I are the same. 10 weeks and I've been sick with the flu for 8. It sucks but it's only because of your changing immune system. Flu's last longer. Ya I know great news for us. Keep taking your vitamines , eat well and drink lots.Don't forget sleep is your best friend right now. If you get a bad cough go see your Doc. You might end up pulling some muscles.And that's not comfortable. ( and I know!)Soooo Nighty Night!


E - October 24

Jodie, it is not a "sign" of pregnancy. Do not confuse pregnancy signs with pregnancy related symptoms. Having a stuffy nose and a sore throat is not a reason to think you are pregnant. There are far superior signs of pregnancy and a stuffy nose is not an initial sign. It just happens to be something normal that many pregnant women deal with at some point when blood flow increases and mucous membranes swell.


m - October 25

Alison, I had allergy type stuff for most of my pregnancy. I don't think it's cause for worry. If it would make you feel better, though, talk to your doc about it. But I really think you don't have anything to worry about.


JSK - October 26

Actually, I learned in my recent OBGYN clinical for nursing school that the symptoms you describe are quite common and my last a few weeks or possibly your whole pregnancy. Since, you've the symptoms for 5 weeks it sounds like post nasal drip is the cause of your throat pain. Unfortuanately, everythong OTC for such symptoms are off limits especially durinhe first trimester. Good Luck.



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