First Pregnancy How Long Till I Show

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shyanna - October 5

I just found out I am pregnant I don't want to tel anyone for as long as possible, I am very thin, how long will it be untill I start to show?


Kel - October 5

I was very thin also and didin't start showing unitl i was in my late 20 weeks or so. It kinda happened out of no where. Now im 38 weeks and still have a tiny belly, at least thats what people say. It feels huge to me!!! Goodluck with your pregnancy:)


Margaret - October 5

my cousin was very thin when she got pregnant, and she did not show until like 5 months.....but she pooched out all at seemed like it was over night. For me- I am in my first trimester of my first pregnancy, so I dont know yet when I will start to show. I am tall and average build (not thin, but not big)...I also am curious as to when I will show.


Holly - October 5

Before I got pregnant I wore a size 7-8. I am now 18 weeks pregnant and still not showing. My regular clothes don't fit anymore though.


becky - October 6

I to was like the other ladies didn't show till about 6 to 7 months.I was also tall and thin.being you want to wait as long as possible enjoy not showing early.(if you don't)if you ever have a seconed one you probably show earlier.


Liz - October 7

Everyone is different, I'm 19 weeks pregnant and I'm definitely showing. It depends on your body type. You can go online at and they have pregnant belly photos of all shapes and sizes by week. Good luck!!


liza - October 8

im 31 weeks pregnant with my first and no one can tell im pregnant, yes ive gained about 40 IBS but people still have no idea and are completely surprised when i tell them that i am...


Jess - October 10

I'm alittle over 12 weeks, average size and haven't gained a pound. All my cloths fit just the same. Everyone says give it till about 18 weeks then you'll noitce.


POLLY - October 11

It took me about 7 months before I started to show - just shot out over night..... Have fun while you still can cause when the bump comes out there is not more doing your toes nails......:-)


Molly - October 13

This is my first pregnancy also and I had a very flat tummy to start with. I am 12 weeks right now and could still get away with hiding it if I wanted to....but my pants are much tighter and I leave the top b___ton undone.


sarah - October 26

i am 12 weeks pregnant, i am tall and quite big built, i don't feel very hard. when will i start to show?


Sarah - October 28

When I got pregnant I was a size 2 and abot five feet 9 inches. I showed right away. I could not fit into my normal clothes by say week 12. It was a very difficult time because I was thin everywhere except for my belly. I wore Maternity clothes very early on. I am now 30 weeks pregnant and my belly is huge. My Dr. told me it was best for the baby to have gained the extra weight.


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 29

I am tall and thin and I was showing by 3 mos pregnant. I had to buy maternity clothes by about 13 weeks because I did not fit into my regular clothes anymore. I was all baby so it was hard not to figure out I was pregnant. In the end I only gained about 22 lbs but was huge!


Jenny - November 8

I am about 9 weeks with my first and no change so far. I'd be lying if I said my clothes didn't fit a little tighter, though - - biggest change in my chest so far.


Monique - November 8

hey ladies ..I am 30 weeks and 4 days and I'm showing just a little bit u can tell I'm pregnant but I seem to think my stomach is small .as long as the doctors says everything is fine u shouldnt worry about anything ok .Good luck everyone


Anne - November 9

Up to 15 weeks, I fit in my size 2 jeans, tight but fit, only my blouses were too small for my "blossomed" b___bs. After week 16 I switched to maternity pants because they were confy, but noone could tell I was pregnant, I only looked as if I had gained some weight. Week 20, I had a little belly but could still b___ton my coats. THEN WEEK 24 arrived and OVERNIGHT, I swear, like magic, I went from "Your belly is really small for almost 6 months" to "Wow, wow, wow, now you are REALLY showing!". My legs, arms and face look skinnier than ever, is just a belly that looks like I swalloed a whole watermelon.


Michelle - November 18

Am getting married in February 2006, I'm 11 weeks pregnant.. still not showing yet, tummy fairly you think at 24 weeks i might be very big?



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