First Pregnancy Please Help Terrible Pain In Leg

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nat - June 17

hi i just found out i am 4-5 weeks preg and i am getting a terrible pain behind my knee it feels like a bruise but there is no bruise there i am now getting worried and cant see doc till next week help if you can xx


Jessicca - June 21

Same here...this is my very first pregnancy...I'm farther along then you 33 weeks, 7 months and they get even awful! My first few weeks I had leg cramps, especially at night. The best thing to do is take Tylenol, sleep with your legs elevated, have your husband/boyfriend ma__sage your legs and feet before bed. If you get them where they hurt really bad apply some heat...muscle rub cream or a heating pad and pray that it goes away fast! You have a very long way to go...your going to get them like crazy, especially in your last trimester...which I am in! Good luck! And pray you don't get them as bad as me!


Jessica F. - June 21

I have also been noticing bad pains in legs, hips, and back. Lucky US!!! Just let it ride out. I have asked my DR about sports cream ointments and she said not to use them


fanny - June 21

it sounds like a vlood clot, please get it checked out right away. they are common in preg, and they affect one spot generally like that in the legs, like a bruise


Jbear - June 21

Calf pain can mean you have a blood clot. If you can feel a warm area or see a red spot, then it's not as dangerous, but if it's deep within the leg, it can be more serious. Don't ma__sage your leg, use any kind of vibrating ma__sager on it, or let the shower spray directly on the area with the pain, until your doctor has checked it out. It could just be muscle pain, but your doctor should check it out to be sure.


Jen - June 24

Hi guys. With my first son I had bad pain that ran from my back to the back of my knee. I had to go to the ER in the middle of the night b/c it was sooo bad. I asked (sacastically) if they would just cut it off! The doc said the baby was on my sciatic nerve and that this is a normal occurance with pregnancy. If it's real bad they will give you a low dose pain killer-its safe for the baby. I took it to get some sleep and my son turned out fine.



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