Groin Pain Cramps

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kayla - February 3

I would be 4 weeks period is due today...i am hoping she will stay away...but, today i started with pain in my groin, when ever i am sitting, and mild cramping..i keep thinking AF is here. Gosh, AF stay away...has anyone 4-6 weeks had this groin pain? well guess i will find out soon enough.....thanks in advance


Hi Kayla - February 9

I had pain in my groin off and on for a while and still do every now and then. My Doc says that it is the ligamnets in the area that are stretching for the baby. Keep us posted.


sonia - February 13

i too have shooting painbs in my groin, glad to hear it's normal.


Katrina - February 14

I would feel that way when it was time for AF. I think 4-6 weeks is a little too soon to be feeling any ligament stretching type pain .....


Nika - February 25

I have very strong groin pain that is most prominent and painful when trying to's hurts to roll over and walk ...I agree though 4-6 weeks snds early I didn't start feeling this until late in my 14 wk almost 17 weeks and still strong


gerri - February 25

hey ladys, hope all is pain started about my 14th week I'm 20 wks now and still hurtin'. what's AF?


Billie - February 25

Glad to hear that this is normal. I'm 26 weeks and I have been feeling the pain since about 20 weeks. It hurts to get up off a chair and to lift my legs sometimes. It also hurts when I roll out of bed in the morning!


shawna - March 3

With my first I had the pain at about 6weeks and it intensified and remained throughout my pregnancy. I am now having my second, and the pain didn't start until about 12 weeks...and now is as unbearable as before. No doctor has offered anything to help. And what is AF???


Julia - March 5

Hi - I'm 7 weeks and suffering a groin area pain - I think I had this in my 1st pregnancy but was sure it was a lot later! Do we have any advise for it??


Nika - March 7

Hey ladies..I hope the pain is getting better..still pretty constant here. I just found out the AF stands for Aunt Flo..I'm a__suming that's a 'pet' name for your menstral cycle.


lili - March 8

i am so glad to hear this was normal! i was freaking out, because the pain wouldn't go away, it started my 20 week, i really hope it goes away soon its so hard with stairs and to lift my legs, this has been my worst part of preg. so far and no one ever told me anything about it?! thanks gals!


carol - March 11

i am 15 weeks pregnant. i have been experiencing pretty severe groin pain for about 3 weeks. also my entire legs ache no cramps like i read about not about groin pain. does anyone know what it is and does it go away. it is miserable and i just feel like sleeping, when i have this pain.


Maria - March 11

I just discovered this week that I am pregnant (wasn't trying) and I am having cramps too. I am about 5 weeks.


Heidi - March 16

I am about 8 weeks pregnant and I started feeling a sharp pain in my groin area two days ago but only when I move in a seated or lying postion too quick. I am so parinoid! It made me feel better to know that some of you are experienceing this and some as early as me.


Lou - March 16

I'm currently 26 weeks, started feeling groin pain at 18-19 weeks and still feel it. As others have said, I mostly notice it when rolling over or getting out of bed. I haven't found a solution yet


Emma Wood - March 19

I am around 6 weeks pregnant and I have been having really mild but annoying cramping since 4 weeks and now i'm getting groin pain in the right side, mostly when I move quickly. I have already had 5 kids I feel just as anxious with this one as I did with the others. I get paranoid about eptopic pregnancies but have had no bleeding or spotting or shoulder pain, so I think it really must be just the ligaments or similar - reading the posts has helped.


jessica - March 31

thought i was olonein this one!! i have had groin ;pain on one side for the past 2-3 days, amm 11 weeks.......does anyone else notice that this area seems somewhat firmer/harder??



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